Get Rid of Quick Play Poll

I find Quick Play to be utterly pointless. If you want to play ‘Quick Play’ simply play ranked. Quick Play takes away players who would otherwise would be joining unranked lobbies. So, you’re new quick play makes it harder for lobbies to start due to lack of players. Plus in lobbies, we can play something else than the standard game if players so wish.

I often have to tell Discord groups I am hosting a game to get a better chance of filling a lobby. Granted, it’s often Diplo. But I’m pretty sure it’s still a little more of an issue even if I host a normal-ish map like Black Forest or Arabia.

Remove Quickplay?
  • Remove Quick Play.
  • Keep quickplay.

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Quick play is good for empire wars and Royal. Other than that it’s propably more harmful than helpfully.

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I think it’s very sad output by my adorable devs.
Tt is needless but no need to remove also.

Just remove RM from Quick play but let Empire Wars and Battle Royale stay there. They should also update the Lobbies, it’s very clunky atm.


Just Remove Everything and add a Lobby Browser (Ranked) and a Lobby Browser (Unranked), Create Ladders for Sudden Death, FFA (includes CtR) , Empire Wars, Battle Royale, RM, DM, Custom Scenarios and Mixed (Mixed = a changing Mappool as permanent Map to choose, like an RMS Map called “Mixed” that has the possibility to spawn any of the maps in the mappool. Mappool = random maps every week, no permanent maps like Arabia).
Joining a Game with like, Empire Wars enabled automatically shows the stats of that Ladder. All Online Players (and when hovering their ladder ratings, stats, most played civ etc.) are visible within the window and you can sort by elo, see in what room they are in etc.

Make Lobbies permanent, add Spectator Support, Rating Ranges to be able to join and everything from Voobly.
Get rid of the jee jee ■■■ UI that’s clunky af and start to properly improve this game, for once

Nobody asked for Matchmaking, nobody likes not being able to chose the map he wants to play

Matching making not based on skill is just a disaster. I already said this at the start. The best measure of skill is elo. So i would advice the devs to use some elo for matching EW and BR games. As result both game modes become equal to ranked. So just put them in ranked and just delete quick play from the game. See also the following thread for my opinion about this subject:

Add both game modes to ranked and your reason for having quick play is also gone, isnt it?

Ranked is great. It is a big improvement over the Voobly system. Dont get me wrong, there are still some things that needs to improvement. It isnt the perfect system. But the system is much better then the lobby system of Voobly and HD. Going back to the Voobly system will be a big step back for me.