Get RID of the farm reseed cow sound and others

I thought there was a mod that removed this, but i can barely tolerate the sound anymore. When the farms are auto-reseeding (which is great btw) the farm is built and it plays that “ambient farm sounds” thing with the cow mooing and it absolutely drives me nuts. Ive resorted to just getting rid of my farms and selling wood at market on a regular basis just so I can play the game without the eternal mooing and feeling like I’m about to step into cow stuff. II swear when its really going and all the ambience is kicking in I can almost taste it. Is there any simple mod or way to disable this sound?

ALSO the fact the alarm bells still ring when you are looking directly at the unit that is under attack, like, you are telling the unit to fight, and it gets into a fight, YOURE LOOKING RIGHT AT IT, and the game is like OH HEY DING DING DING DING DONG DUNG. It hurts because i usually think im being attacked elsewhere and start looking around and cant find anything. It’s crept into my dreams really. One second looking elsewhere and hundreds of innocent, shirtless people are massacred with no culprit in sight. Help me please.


I want a mod to remove farm sounds too, since I never get horse collar after watching Spirit of the Law’s video, so it’s even worse for me. I also want a mod that removes all the unit and building selection sounds and unit command sounds from the game so I can focus on the game more without constant noise.

I made a mod to change the under attack bell/horn sounds but it won’t let me publish it. It keeps giving me Error: Failed to Create Zip.

You should get Horse Collar and all the other farming techs, else you waste a lot of wood in the late game.


Horse collar is good, heavy plough speeds up farmers because of extra carry capacity so it is good as well but that bonus goes away after you research handcart and wheelbarrow, I don’t think crop rotation ever pays off it’s cost in a normal length game so not researching it is normally a good idea(It takes some odd 45 minutes after you research it to add a full farm cycle in reseed time - regardless of how many farms you have it will not save any resources for that amount of time it just makes you pay the wood a little bit later than you would have otherwise, you’re still spending the same amount of wood total and need just as many villagers set to gather wood over that 45 minute period)

You can make an argument for just getting horse collar because it is the only one that is almost guaranteed to pay off in the long run(less than 30 minute game) but I normally get heavy plough too(pays off in one hour game + faster food income before handcart/wheelbarrow), I only get crop rotation if I’m in diplo or something and I think the game is going to last 2+ hours

Farm sounds like been in the game for the last 20 years, and they are not going away. Better get used it. It’s not a big deal. Or try mod the game yourself to remove the sounds.

Which “elsewhere” are you looking at? You should be pressing go to last notification hotkey (default middle mouse button) or looking at minimap for blinking. Both would show that the attack happened right in front of you.

Since I only ever play as Teutons with cheap farms I can’t decide whether it’s worth it or not to get horse collar, because if I don’t get either farm techs I get 200 food and 200 wood I can use to get hand cart instead, which massively boosts all resource gathering speeds and lets me double up farms and not worry about distance from resources, the extra speed on vills is also good for being raided, and losing farms doesn’t mean as much without upgrades. Although, I always make a massive amount of farms so it’s a difficult decision.

I think it is worth it with Teutons to get horse collar and skip the other farm upgrades, it saves you less wood than it saves others per farm but you normally make a bunch more farms because of this and it’s still probably going to save you enough wood to justify delaying handcart for a couple of minutes, handcart speeds up food gathering but it does nothing to save you wood and the faster gather rate actually speeds up your wood usage since you deplete the farms faster - at worst case you can pick it up in castle age instead and move a few villagers off of wood onto gold or stone

If you are playing scouts you should always tech horse collar before dropping the first farm. If you are playing FC get it on the way to castle age.
SOTL is not a good source if you want to improve your gameplay


LOOK I played the original game when it came out, and YES the farm sounds have always been there. BUT the game was played at a much slower speed and smaller scale. Now, with giant maps played regularly, 5tc booms, and 1.5 speed being made “casual”, the rate and occurance of these otherwise innocuous (and often cute) sound effects can increase into never anticipated frequency and quantities that are simply overwhelming psychologically. I love this game, I am SOOOO happy with what the devs have done with it over the years and kept it relevant and honestly competitive with modern titles tbh. BUT there comes a time when you’re trying to out muscle an enemy and you’re killing his villages with pikemen and onagers are crushing your monks into paste, and in the background… all u can make out from all the noises and chaos … is cows? again… and again… AND AGAIN AND 10 more times within a second right after that, and you can’t take your mind off of it, and cant unhear the chorus of cows everywhere, and shortly can hear nothing but the cows mooing over the piles of dead bodies, burning houses, rage quits, and childhood memories shattered into a pile of blood clothing being rolled over by a seige ram, and HOW MUCH YOU NOW HATE COWS FOR THEIR INDIFFERENCE.

I am simply asking, that there somehow be a way, to … umm… avoid maybe replaying the same sounds so repetitively somehow so our gray matter doesn’t turn into grey liquid. I simple .cfg file and a series of numbers modify the chance or frequency of certain sounds, that have chances of being played, like, hundreds of times a second. like 100 longbows trying to take down a post imp arch civ castle and the only thing preventing the sound from literally breaking the 4th dimensional wall and becoming an impossible geometric superstructure that has transcended spacetime and blends infinitely into ad infinitum is the lagging framerate caused my green who has decided to spam into a tight corridor and has caused almost a thousand combined units to get stuck in a feedback loop and the scroll rate has also now dropped so you can NOT GET AWAY from the longbows shooting at the castle and every little whoosh u hear is another brain cell committing suicide with the chorus of MOOOS EGGING IT ON.

I just hope that it doesn’t turn people away, due to psychological difficulties? I dunno, i just want to explain the situation I experienced that… made me kill all my farmers, farms, cows, and all the farm stuff. The wood cutting sound is like music now, tbh. Hope somebody that knows how to add a cfg file somewhere is reading this 11 gg wp

open genie editor(in AoE install folder, select AoE2 DE, type in correct path to folder or fill from registry, go to units tab search for farm, scroll to near bottom where it says “build sound” - select none instead of farm.wav, save changes into local mods folder

Or download Silent Farms from mod list, I just made one, it does what you want but it is a data mod so you cannot use it in ranked matches or anything you don’t host yourself - but you can use it in skirmish or custom - I don’t think you can make one that is not a data mod and get the same effect but I am not an experienced modder of this game so maybe someone else can do it

edit- here is link to it Age of Empires - Mods - Silent Farms

You’re my new favorite person right now. The issue is getting to work with regular games and such. I’m so thankful that you jumped right on it and actually made it into a mod that I SWEAR existed before somewhere…

Age of Empires - Mods - Joakim Silent Buildings
I found this mod, deleted all the files except farm and it works.

Age of Empires - Mods - Silent Farms
Here’s the edited version if you want it. This one should work in multiplayer. I will delete it in a few days so put it in local files, change and upload it, whoever wants to. I will probably make my own mod with a soft sound file for farms later on, because it could be useful knowing when farms reseed.

Damn, that’s awesome man. I really appreciate you actually looking into it. I searched a bunch of times but couldn’t come up with much, and I don’t know exactly how to access the raw art and sound files.

The reason I don’t do that is in the RTS game I kinda learned how to play on would not play the attack sound if the unit getting hit was on the screen. It’s just a gut instinct to start checking my other units for threats.

sorry for bumping this old thread, but i really need some help regarding this topic.

it seems i tried everything, this mod , editing with genie editor. The damn sound is still there.