Get rid of the monthly skin challenge

It is not fun, not transparent, not motivating. The rewards are not interesting. There is zero challenge. F2P players will have no interest in a skin for a civ they cannot play in a few months. Regular players can contribute little. You cannot even profit from it (unless you attract new players to buy the game, and the game gets zero promotion).
And it’s BUGGED.

If you really want to increase player number and player retention, please spend a little more efforts on advertising and designing events.
Just sell a skin bundle if you want income. Instead of a non-profitable event nobody is interested in.


Like I said multiple times, this kind of “community challenge” should be a subsidiary to constant updates and other more interesting events.

Why I WAS looking forward to “what’s on the horizon for AOE3”? Because I thought the F2P and community challenge is the prelude of better, constant, long-term support. Any company who really wants to make its game succeed will do that.
And now that optimism is rewarded with much poorer communication and negative support. This is what you get for being optimistic. Gosh I should have joined the doomsayers back then.

If you only throw that one challenge at us and drop everything else, it is bound to fail and makes all of us awkward.

But if the goal is to prove the game does not have enough players (wherever you are drawing the line), good job.


Unless they get it when they buy the game.

I think monthly challenges are a good idea to keep players playing, if only for Fomo, but maybe they could add MP Historical Battles to the type of fames you can play to get the skin.

But you are right that to get NEW players you need to promote the game.

I don’t think many people would buy the full game just because they really like one skin.
More likely it should be the reverse: you need to have something else to attract them to buy the full game, then they grind for the skin they like.


No, no. I was trying to say that their time playing was rewarded.

I like the challenge in principle, but with it being bugged twice now and having missed one due to a target that was too high, I unfortunately have to concur.

As far as an incentive, it’s a good idea. If you haven’t noticed, each month the explorer lines up with a civ that just entered the F2P rotation, so it’s a good encouragement since they would get to use it immediately. But having missed 3 of 4 despite meeting the requirements, it’s quite discouraging. At this point, if they can’t fix the bug quickly and get the skins to the players who earned them, it would be best to just release the skins as a DLC pack like before and go back to profile picture unlocks. There are plenty of icons in the game that still aren’t available.

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I liked the challenges they had with the release of the usa civ, they should do a smaller version of that event where you have a few fairly easy things to do either offline or online to unlock profile pics or skins etc.


When you compare it to previous events like the aforementioned USA event you realize just how low effort this one is in comparison. And to add insult to injury it has been bugged for many people for 2 months in a row.

I don’t have much experience with how F2P models work for other games but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this isn’t how you handle it. This is not a way to keep people engaged.

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