Get Rid of Water Maps

Title is pretty self explanatory.

My thoughts. I find its too much to handle playing two different micro battles plus an eco boom and having to build, get relics, age up, fight on water and land, and trying to keep some semblance of a build order.

Water just adds too much of a dynamic to the game that isn’t fun in any way.

You can’t properly scout so you’re always reacting behind what the opponent is doing. Playing in the dark. Don’t build enough army gg. Don’t build enough ships gg. Don’t defend on the proper side of the map gg. The maps just become this big dumb wild west of play with no rhyme or reason.

From this point on I’m dropping from all water maps and stating they should be removed from the game. No one likes playing water anyways.

I don’t wanna be that “git gud” guy, but maybe your skill level just hasn’t reached the point where you can do these things.

I actually enjoy the multiple micro battles and details of water maps I would play them a lot more if water didn’t break this games engine and cause a massive memory leak causing me to enter slide show mode every time I look at any amount of water.

Fishing ships are cheap and good for scouting as well as fishing.

Due to the lag, I usually just heavily fortify my island and build a wonder, pretty easy victory usually, just have to secure one of the sacred sites also.

They should’ve already been removed from quick match rotation, if you’re talking about hybrid maps you genuinely can just ignore water and do fine.

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its so weird how I really liked them in aoe3de but here they honestly make the game even harder and veeeery difficult, i cant fully understand why yet…
idk if its ships imbalance or what but they were such a bad experience here…

Mi amigo, no es un problema tan difícil para usted, aunque el agua es la peor parte en este juego, no es solo porque usted u otros tienen una falta de enfoque, es porque los barcos son ridículo. Todo el mundo necesita concentre en todo cada juego. El hombre con mayor capacidad para controlar la situación gana.

No hay diferencia en otros juegos RTS.