Get the compendium design concepts back! [Special request]

:arrow_forward: THE CONCEPT DESIGNS

So, special request
Anyone else got deep into the compendium of AoE3 legacy?
Because I freaking loved it as a kid, I used to try redrawing the sketches of unit’s concept designs (I have several attempts of redrawing the 1 concept design sketch of the Renegado).
Needless to say I was pretty sad that they didn’t add more of the rest of the units and instead, took them all out :cry:.
Please devs, if it ain’t much trouble, please get the design concepts back to the compendium, even if it is shown by pressing a button at the top corner of the unit’s 3D design.

Pretty pretty please :pray:, it would make my day :3


Not only that, but some of the texts from the compendium are wrong (like all of the asian native units), and info about the the us civ and the new mercenaries is missing too.


Would also be nice that the text of the unit’s history when you are in-game were larger.
It’s awkward to read it so small, not like the legacy window.

Did they add compendium articles for the USA and their units yet?

Yes, they have. In the compendium they still don’t have portraits, though


Yeah, kinda what they had with Age of Mythology

Big 1 to me please do that

A bunch of entries haven’t been updated for DE changes either. Tokala Soldier, for example, still talks about Dog Soldiers.

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