Getting banned from reports alone

This is the new policy , Microsoft doesn’t want to pay people to review reports and would rather incentivise people to buy another copy of aoe2 when getting banned. Here it is in their own words:

Hello there,

Your multiplayer access is temporarily suspended due to multiple griefing and inactivity reports. That’s all the information we can provide in this matter.

Thank you for contacting us.


Age of Empires Support

why did I get banned for 12 hours?

Why don’t you just wait till the ban is lifted. 12 hours isn’t much.

I will wait but whats stopping everyone from reporting someone for no good reason other that they lose or didn’t like how the other player played? I literally just won a secotra game , didn’t say anything and after that i’m banned.

Maybe you are banned based on a previous match. the report of that previous match got approved late.

Should there even be bans at all?

I can think of two things:

  • Inactivity in team games? (On the other hand, AoE2 allows players to resign in team games, what is nothing else than inactivity for the rest of the game. But inactivity from the start is different problem.)
  • Attacking allied units and structures on purpose with attack ground abilities.

Everything else is not really ban worthy.

Then there is chat miss use. But for this there should be just a chat restriction, or a restriction to the AoE2 number-chat system.

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According to my experience, I think they do have people review reports in mid-late 2023.

The game could have short suspensions but the suspensions shouldn’t stack for more than 2 days. The game with DLCs cost $80 without discount so they should not put their hands on us.

I have different opinions.
Cheating is not tolerable at all, cheaters should get permanent banned no matter what.
Walling allied stuffs should be heavily punished because players can do nothing to stop it. Attack ground is not as bad as wall grief because it requires castle age first, and people can build mangonel or onager to fight against it, well ,you can do something at least.

Early resign and afk are usually caused by map selection. this is a very complicated issue. IMO, force players to play on the maps they don’t like is not a good idea. The guy who resign at min 10 or min 15 are less likely to be punished so it will waste more time than an early resign. I also don’t want to play with somebody who is bad at the current map.

could be that to be fair, now i just remembered a few things i might have done to deserve it…think i walled someone s lumber camp when they placed it on top of mine essentially walling me in with theirs…was a dumb move on my part I should have just walled his lumber camp in with 3 of mine instead of palisade walls…

I disagree , for me what is most annoying is when people cancel game 5 minutes in , it can waste up to 30-40 minutes if it happens a few times in a row taking away the little bit of time i have to enjoy the game.

For me ban list order should be :slight_smile:

2.saying something extremely inappropriate (racial slurs or things on that level not small insults)
3.Time wasting by being afk or quitting because you dont like the map
4.walling people in has only happened to me once and i realy dont even consider it a problem as usually it happens for a reason , very rarely there is someone trolling every game like that.

Ok, yes if it is possible to cheat that should also be bannable. Maybe it depends a bit on what is considered cheating.

Yes I agree.

Even if someone is bad on a map, that doesnt mean he would lose 100% of the games, so resigning at the beginning manipulates the elo to a lower level, and lets him win more of his other games, because he has to low elo for the other maps. This is not healthy.

Other online games let you reconnect to games if you leave, instead of beginning a new game. Resgining in team games and playing another game at the same time should not really be a thing. The resign button should not exist in team games, and if someone leaves, he should be able to reconnect but not be able to play another game. Dota does not even have a team resign function, in LoL 4 out of 5 have to agree to resign as a team. In AoE the rule could be that 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 4 have to agree to resign as a team.

agree 100% that is the best way to do resign with teams.

We need to stop calling them bans, it’s too alarmist. Because they’re not bans, they’re temporary suspensions.

You can either form your own teams on forums / Discord with people you know will not report you, or you can avoid team games all together and play 1v1. Those are your options.

If you’re still getting bans from 1v1 only, then the problem is you, not the system.

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I think they should be muted for a certain time period instead of getting suspended in this case. We have the option to block them too.

I couldn’t really talk about this because I am extremely against Michi. Well, I think 1 team map ban is unfair to solo players, the devs should solve this in the first place before they punish people.

Dota had the option to abandon a game which is the same as resign.
IMO, there need to be half or more than half of the players agree to resign to unlock the resign option in AOE2.

I have only Dota 2 in mind here, there you can abandon a game, but I think then you have to wait like 30 minutes, and if you do it repeatedly,you can only play a separat game mode where you can only play 3 random heros until you win a game in that mode with an enemy player still connected. It is very punishing. Complete opposite to AoE2, where you can just freely leave any game like you want, without every getting punished at all. LoL has an interessting solution for this, where a team can cancel a game after a few minutes, if there is an DC, but no hard punishing system, and no abandon option.