Getting bent over and spanked by inca 2 kallanka spam - major balance issue

I’ve a couple games against inca who just make 2 kallanks send forward and spam the godly huaranca unit and im just getting completely destroyed each time even if i play well.

This unit the huaranca destroys skirms, musks, buildings, vills from range. they have basically no set up animation and do siege damage at range. They dont even lose to MM as they never have to go close under a TC. Not to mention you never feel safe trying to age and you cant push the kallankas as the units can just magically garrison inside and wait for reinforcements. this inca revision is such a joke lol.

Ive uploaded a rec for you guys to watch, the only thing i can think of trying to beat this is to add huss in earlier but i dont think that works vs chimus/pikes/bolas warriors.
DutvsINCAkallanchaLAME.age3Yrec (4.3 MB)


Can’t you just stay in base and get to fortress especially as dutch, TC fire out ranges huaracas and they’re not the same stats as they are in age 3, CM/8 pikes and a few skirmishers should be enough, they’re not going to have 30 huaracas, they’re very expensive units and send a card just for the ability to train them instead of sending 700 res of actual units and no need to push the kallankas at all until fortress.

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Yeah learnt the hard way to put banks behind and as close to the tc as possible and requires you to herd perfectly so ur vills can’t be idled too much.

Inca needs nerfs