Getting sad about an HDR issue :(

I’ve recently purchased a VG27AQL1A display, running with Windows 10. Initially HDR was fine in-game but now the image switches/glitches to a darker contrast and the cursor turns white.

Is there some fix? I’ve tried a few things but nothing works permanently.


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HDR dosnt work in this game. turn it off and if you have windows 11 use AutoHDR with in game HDR off

Thanks. Is there any mention of it being fixed in a patch? I’d have windows 10 for a while.

HDR is not something built for aoe4. It’s the a feature of the essence engine 5. I don’t they will update the engine to support monitors with < 600nits of brightness. I bought the best HDR monitor in the world right now for this. Alienware 34DW23 QD-OLED monitor. It has Vesa HDR400 and aoe4 still dosnt support HDR in that mode. I had to switch to HDR1000 mode for the HDR brightness slider to work.

But once I turned it on the difference is night and day. This game has the best HDR effects I tell you. Gold used to look yellow on my previous monitor, but in the new monitor with 1000nits of peak HDR brightness it looks like real gold. Not just that the grass looks so much more real and the trees too. Units and buildings have perfect lighting and color on them. If I get time I’ll post some screenshots.

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oh , this actually has me very exited! if you can … yes! post screenshots!

That’s strange. Some time ago I could set HDR400 on my VG272UV and the slider was working properly, had to set on 5/100 to match the brightness, still the ingame image was bad balanced like pure white cursor, nothing visible out of units sight range. Seems something went wrong meantime because now my brightness slider doesn’t work at all. Thx @AeneasSylvius for pulling this out!

It’s a shame because I’ve never seen such a marked improvement in graphics by changing one setting. I had HDR working for a bit with a blue cursor and it looked fantastic — armour and gold deposits shined, and tiles/copper on roofing actually looked 3D. It really is the difference between good and great graphics for this game.

I hope the community and devs will push to have this fully implemented.

I’d like to see those pics @tahska :slight_smile:

i have some bad news, i tried to capture some in game HDR footage using my 6900xt and radeon capture, unfortunately lost one of my ram sticks. now left with 16gb of ram. not complaining. must not have been the game’s fault or the graphics cards fault. just so you guys know corsair vengence lpx is sh1tty ram. should have gone with g.skill ripjaws instead. i dont have much choice because ram clearence is very low in my setup.

i couldnt really capture screenshots as they look whitewashed when i pasted them. the only way i thin i would be able to capture HDR in game footage is i think using a capture card. as i dont want to try the radeon screencapture thing again.

here are some photos i took with my phone.

I faced that problem too, earlier i couldnt get HDR slider working with HDR400 True Black setting. but after my RAM went bust, i decided to do a fresh windows install and now it works perfectly. bear in mind if you change the brightness of the monitor then you’ll need to readjust the HDR slider.

i completly agree, rest of the in game graphic settings dont make much of an impact from a visual standpoint, they look more or less the same. but the moment you have HDR working, it makes everything pop. But not everyone can afford a decent HDR monitor. I really dont know if its the game’s fault or the engine. But i do agree there is a lot of false HDR marketing on cheap monitors these days.