I am sure that AOE 4 team is working hard on campaigns. I think it would be really nice to include the first and second Mongol invasions of Japan. This will make the game very interesting. Also this can be campaign by both Mongols and Japanese.


Yeah,only problem would be ps fanboys:
"nooo xbox stoling our game’s story nooo :angry: "

With Mongols u could make a Huuuuuge campaign, They nearly conquered the whole Eurasian map. :smiley:

Well if you want to play a campaign where all you do is build a fleet and have it be destroyed by storms twice, then sure, go ahead.
Biggest bruh moment in the mongol history. Almost AoM content.

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Could do Mongols’ Malay campaign, where the Mongols navy got used as mercenaries and then killed off 11. Man, their navy really got a bad track records.