You can make up to 1024x1024 large maps in the editor, but you will probably not be able to fill the whole map with stuff. There are some limits.
Also you will not be able to play that with enough units to make it worth using such a large map without running into massive performance issues.


What is the purpose for such a huge map? The current big map is already gigantic in size, you will never be able to expand to all area, never able to pay attention to all positions, and moving army across is super painful it takes several minutes to walk across, it also results in never ending games where players can hide and seek, in team game large maps players literally have to research spy to finish off the game. Most people prefer the regular size despite having the large option now. If you make a super super large map no one will play it. You never see the opponent anyway because they are like 10000 kilometres away

Unless you say you are a big big noob, doesn’t want to get rushed or attacked at all, even using big maps cannot prevent you from being attacked by opponent, you need a super super large map so opponents never find you, never reach you, and you can run around the edge of map forever after your base are destroyed, then I understand you, you’re better off play vs AI then


Giant maps make game more realistics bro, have to think about ambush, weather, standby home armies and away armies,… thats make more realistic . I like the size of map aoe ii de

Se você quer mapas gigantescos para partidas com movimentação de grandes exército, então você só terá desvantagens… credito que mapas assim sirvam melhor para o modo ‘Tratado’, onde você precisa de recursos extras.

can we please close this thread? Nightstar u asked vividlyplain and he explained to u, why bigger maps are not possible.

Weather in aoe3? You must be playing a different game. There is no weather conditions in aoe3. And aoe2 de maps are not that big. Only ludicrous is, but no one plays that anyway

Sure, there is snow, sunny and rainy


But yea I mean it doesn’t impact the gameplay, it is only aesthetics. The OP mentioned big map allows him to think about weather…I don’t know what he means

You’d be surprised how many people play that.

A lot of people love their large diplomacy matches and stuff like that.

Also if you have a lot of water the effective map size shrinks like for a world map for example.

“performance” is not really an objective criterion to say a feature can’t be in the game.

Some people are perfectly with playing at 10 FPS or maybe they have the most powerful hardware.

There are some hard limitations though, the map can only be 1024x1024 and it can only have so many objects in it.

I tried making 1024x1024 scenarios recently and I ran into a bunch of issues while performance is expectedly bad despite me having very good hardware.

I think it’s up to people to decide if they can accept the performance if it’s a none standard gamemode.
You can play on ludicrous maps with 8 players 500 population in AoE2DE and I don’t think that performs well on any existing computer.

But I know that map size is done in a very different was in AoE3 because the map size is determined by the map scrip itself.

Oh didn’t know that random maps don’t have that limit.

Also a lot of people use “map” they mean both random maps and scenarios.
Many people that actually play on ludicrous maps in AoE2DE play on scenario maps that are usually based on real world geography, often letting all players spawn with a transport ship in the same location.

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more realistics, i mean that, are you blind

This is a fantastic thread. I have some requests too, please!

  • remove LOS from sheeps and herdables in fog and black maps because it’s unrealistic how they can find the player’s base on their own without a shepherd escorting them.
  • make units unable to shoot through walls.
  • make units unable to see through obstacles.
  • make units sweat and exhausted after a long march.
  • make units bleed.
  • don’t make corpses disappear. Or, make them become skull.
  • make stagecoaches and trains obliterate units if they’re on their ways!
  • make severely injured units limp and crawl.
  • make units fall from horses but still able to fight.
  • make scales realistic. Surely you can fit tens of thousands of people in Great Plains! And I’m pretty sure there are many times more civilians than soldiers, not just 100 and 100 (assuming all pop costs are 1)!
  • make units swim back to land when the ship they were in gets destroyed… and make most of them down. Gotta add swim animation, that would be so cool to see!
  • units should be able to jump, bring ladders and climb on walls.

But you know what? Nevermind. I prefer AOE3 as it is right now. Just ban realism please don’t ban, I’m joking.

PS: mods actually offer very extensive freedom in terms of mechanics and content. I’m pretty sure there are many modders out there who might be interested in making gigantic maps, weather and all of the other realistic things you wanted.

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