Give Armenians and Georgians Lumber camps and Mining Camps

My idea is pretty straight forward here… I really like the civ design of the Armenians and Georgians and I want to play them, but I find mule carts so frustrating to use that its just not worth it for me. Would it be possible to give those two civs access to lumber camps and mining camps as an option for those of us who really dislike mule carts?

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I was telling my very conservative brother about the new civs and their Mule Cart, and he saw the immediate advantage, to the point where he didn’t understand why people would want to use anything else. So I would just give people time to figure out the meta.

I’m not denying that there is an advantage to using them, if you use them properly - there definitely is. That’s exactly why I don’t think it would be an issue to allow people to use the old buildings if they chose to. Simply put, I find mule carts annoying enough to use that I just won’t play either of the civs, so I never will figure out the meta.

What part of it don’t you like? You can click them onto resources so that they don’t have to be moved manually, is it something more QoL oriented than that, or another element of the building you dislike?

Quality of life for sure. I really like the ability to do small walls to my lumber camps, but with mule carts, I have to do an awkwardly large wall around the outside of the cart. Also, If scouts get into my woodline and i try to send my vills to garrison quickly, the mule cart often gets selected and ends up under my TC. Its just one more thing to manage.

Increase mule cart discount 25% → 50%. And call it a day.

Decrease starting resource penalty 50 food → 25 food.
New bonus - Farmers can drop off at Fortified Church.

I would just remove the penalty altogether tbh


But the Mule Cart can garrison in the TC too.


I think they need more love in different area. So I suggested one.

i aswell think that the usage of mule carts can be really frustrating. the walling aspect is surely a thing, but villagers getting idle in front of the cart happens way too often. i personally would like a stationary drop of camp for every ressource (even berrys, fish and farms). farming around a woodline or gooldpile is also a minor eco buff, even more if you add them to the exisitng eco advantages of georgians and armenians.

You can play all techs to disable mule Cart

They are trying to fix that though.
So that’s hopefully only a temporary issue.

I think that would be a good civilisation bonus for another new civilisation.

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We should adjust build orders with Armenians and Georgeans.

If doing 20 pop order with 2 mule carts,

Armenians (-30f +50W)
Build 2 houses with a lumber vil instead of a vil from TC

Georgeans (-70f +100W)
Decrease a lumber vil and let him gather food (3 lumber vils-> 2 lumber vils)

Just don’t play these civs, and avoid picking random to stop this happening. Simple. I like the mule cart mechanic because it’s something different and makes them very unique.

If you really do not want to use mule carts, you can mod the game using advanced genie editor.

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OP literally said he wants to play these civs.

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