Give Bola Warriors "Pikeman Like" Melee

It would be nice to see Bola Warriors act as a dragoon unit at range but melee like a pikeman. I feel like they would be more useful like this. Of course they wouldn’t get siege like a pikeman since that’s where the Huaraca comes in. Thoughts?


I main Inca and seeing your post just reminded me that this unit exists xD It’s always been so bad I’ve not used it since release.

Just been looking at the wiki and it’s received quite a few buffs, now just 1 population, 4.25 speed, 14 range (2 more than a dragoon). Unfortunately they are tagged as musket infantry so artillery destroys them unlike regular goons and they have no bonus against artillery.

In regard to your post, I think they just need to be a viable dragoon unit, inca already have spearman which are excellent pikes and you don’t really want a dragoon to have to melee, you want it to kite hand cavalry.
Their stats on paper actually look good, and 2 bolas warriors is in general better than a dragoon for same pop space and lower cost. What makes them bad is the speed and the animation.
You cannot chase down cav with these like you can with dragoons, you need the cav to get in range and attack them first so they get snared and you can kill them, problem is the attack animation is slow, if it was instant like a skirm/musk firing then it might be a good unit. Either way I might try these again and see what they are like now.

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If they’re tagged as musk infantry then shouldn’t they melee like a musk? I would think so.

Well it’s always weird how they tag units, but bolas warriors do not have a musket with a bayonet so it would be weird if they were strong in melee plus they are supposed to be a dragoon, which they fail at miserably.

I actually tried these again last night, still completely suck, I mean absolute trash tier worse than carbine cavalry, the animation just takes sooo long before they fire even 1 shot, even got wrecked by uhlans because they cannot kite them effectively and just get destroyed in melee.

It is a very rare unit honestly, it destroys dragons, musketeers and guerrillas … but it tickles the heavy cavalry and curiously it is everything a grenadier wishes to be. I mean, it does all its functions backwards. For me, it should have melee stamina instead of ranged stamina and a multiplier against heavy cavalry but in melee mode, boleadoras in real life were also used as masses. That way, the guerrillas could counter them (like any normal dragon) and at the same time be efficient against the cavalry.

They have to be fighting with pikemans. Bolas snare cav and pikemans can catch them easier. Also they can act like a musketeer at range saving wood when it runs out