Give Briton bloodline upgrade

Give Briton bloodline pl, i think it will help Briton against Goths, turks, korean… better, it 's better buff longbowmen.
Just give them bloodline upgrade.
They don’t have hussar, i think it will be fair.


I don’t agree here. Britons Longbow/Treb spam with enough castles is already really hard to counter. Britons have an okay archer rush, I’d really rather not have them have a decent scout rush too with how strong that combination is.

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Make Yeomen only fits longbowmen instead of all foot archers, and make longbowmen being trained shorter than 16 sec (18 sec. now).
Most players prefer to use crossbowmen than loongbowmen because the former just 1 range shorter but more easier to train than the later.

Nah, right now both archers are viable for Britons: it’s range vs production. If you remove Yeomen from arbalesters only the longbowman will be worth it. Regarding the OP: Britons already have really good archers that can remain far away from huskarls/cav/siege, and a perfect infantry tree. For the Briton/Korean matchup, you should go cavalry since their cavalry is much worse. Daut even won a match vs the Viper this way, by replacing his longbow/skirm army by cavalry mid-game against a Korean army.


The britons’s knights are so weak, bloodline upgrade is a good buff.

Yeomen should let villagers use the bows they hunt with for combat.

Not because it’d be especially useful, but it would be really funny.

They are not that weak. So have all Blacksmith upgrades. So I’d say they’re still useable (in 1vs1) if the situation is good for cav.

Also (and that is the main point) Britons need to have some weakness. Their infatry has all upgrades. Their archers are even better than fully upgraded ones without a bonus.
I think it’s good that their cavalry is just average, maybe a bit below average.

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Historically, the Britons are one of the civilizations who best-developed the horse breeding. Ironically, they do not receive the Bloodlines technology. This is most likely for gameplay balance purposes.

I feel like a lot of the older civs are struggling to keep up with some of the newer ones but overall the Britons are pretty good. Their early game eco bonus is strong but they are a bit predictable/one-dimensional early and a little underwhelming in the mid-late imperial age due to the fact they they just don’t get many imperial age units (no hand cannons, paladins, hussars, SO, SR, bombard cannon or E cannon galleon).

Right now their light cav just really doesn’t get the job done in the games when they are basically forced to use them by their opponent’s army comp. While their cavalry still wouldn’t be amazing with bloodlines, it would definitely make them serviceable.

Shadow does make a good point though, there is a concern of making them a bit too versatile in the early game. If they had good scouts and then good knights in castle age backed by their early eco, they could be a bit tough to stop. Personally I’d still like to see how giving them bloodlines plays out though.

My other idea would be giving elite longbowmen a slight fire rate increase. That way, in the event that you actually could afford them, they would be a little more worth the 850 food and gold the upgrade costs. This wouldn’t really change the Briton’s overall style too much but would give them a little more power in the late imperial age where I feel they are a bit lacking. I also wonder what would happen if they were given SR or SO


i think having full blacksmith upgrades for their cavalry altho being classified as archer civilization implements their historical cavalry strength ( i mean not as much as chinese xD but still )
and yeah, as you said its for the gameplay balance purposes.if they get bloodlines too, it’ll be too much in my opinion. they have one of the smoothest economies in the game. they have arguably the best arblests in the game ( if you prefer range over attack speed ) they have fully upgraded infantry. and their cavalry is still reliable in some situations because of their +4 defense, so not giving them bloodlines sounds reasonable to me

Bloodlines are for nomadic people, or people with nomadic pasts. Britons are islanders who are not as good with horses.

Yeah that perfectly explains Italians, Malians and Japanese having bloodlines.

Italians are questionable. Don’t know much on Malians. Japanese on the other hand did have a history of horse archery and made great use of calvary (despite them living on an island too). So even if japan is iffy u can sort of justify that.

Maybe for Elmeti , non-noble knights of Italy.