Give me your most outlandish theories on what's getting updated

So what is it?

My theory is that they’re adding a Sentinelese and Chudjak two-civ DLC pack.

Where is this?

it says staging so maybe the placeholder for a future DLC?

“Tantalus” now Worlds Edge is just teasing us. for those who don’t know, this is reference to greek myth and the torture of having something just out of reach.

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Ok, super crazy theory.
This year or early next we will receive an expansion with all WOL civilizations, a mode to conquer the map, fixes for multiplayer mode, a new ranking system, all revolutions will become equivalent to imperial and you will be able to customize their decks from the metropolis. :crazy_face:

PS: Italy, Germany, India and any other umbrella civilizations will split into several new civilizations. :crazy_face:

Less crazy theory.
At some undetermined time, we will receive a patch that may have some content and that announces a new civilization on the horizon, this civilization will be that of the Nordics and will bring as revolutions those that were leaked a long time ago. :smiling_imp:


Most crazy thing :
Grand conquest getting added :slight_smile:


I actually think this theory is crazier than the other one :rofl:


Most crazy and sigh, most wanted by me as a single player campaign!


J’adorerais ce genre de mode, un peu comme la campagne de Warlords Battlecry II

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It’s not crazy, but what has been just out of reach for maybe 2 months? Maybe event changed from 200,000 unique players to like 150,000 players? Also seems in line with what @SirBarnzy1 said in the thread about the event we’re probably going to fail (referring to the quote from Inferno).

In you want outlandish: they’re adding Poland, Denmark, Korea, Vietnam, Morocco, and Persia as one huge DLC that they’ve slowly been working on since DE launched, to be released in December of 2023. That’s also why they’ve been quiet and things have seemed smaller, they’ve kicked it up into high gear lately.

Truly the most insane, crazy and delusional theory (that I want to believe too)

I think the most crazy theory is that the game will be optimize and somehow balanced

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Nah, it’s 100 % Galactic Conquest from OG SWBF2.




Please no. They are completely irrelevant.

I won’t dream right now, but I will be happy if we have a full integration with Age of Mythology Retold. Think, in terms of modding, all the new things we could use.

More maps! Or at least, make the seeded maps more different between them.

Right now, I dream with an official Hidalgo, Morelos and Guerrero skins for Mexico. I’ve done two of them myself, and Hidalgo existed previously, but not now in game. Morelos and Guerrero as official skins would be wonderful.

An integration of some of my ideas would be a honor, like Mexican Soldado variation, zebu Sacred Cow, herdable Turkeys and Deers for Aztecs, a way for Aztecs fight against massed skirmishers…

I won’t expect a new civ right now. AoMR is the work in progress. But, if there are civs, Persia and maybe Danes/Poles-Lithuans be the most possible options.

Good point. Why add thematically diverse and interesting civilizations from all over the world? That would make no sense.

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Confederacy rev that depicts their economical system.
The most requested LatAm civ: Bolivia
The most requested Euro civ: kingdom of Corsica
Super relevant to 19th century warfare Greece.

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Tantalus is one of the studios that works on the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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except for the customization aspect the rest wouldn’t have been that crazy if not for the fact that Tilanus said no.

also hate to say it but Tilanus is not a fan of WOL, he clearly wants more quality than that.

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Staging doesn’t mean anything here. It is the part of the development pipeline where staff will test any new changes, after which point it either goes back into Development if bugs are found or green lit for Production and released to the customers. Changes on staging just means there is a new patch coming out soon(ish).

The Marketing branch is a better indicator as it only gets updated when something major is coming (new DLCs or the recent Trial version).

I just hope they buff Dutch, Lakota, Russia, and slight rework to Malta and Japanese samurai and flaming arrows. Revert aztec changes or at least buff age 3 units since they took away knight combat in age 3. Buff American citadel since they are crap compared to European forts.

Extremely crazy theory:
The devs are preparing to open source AoE3 to allow for community supported bug fixes and new features and content.

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