Give tc an automatic villagers building bottom?

I found that a lot of people forget to build farmers in the low elo games. I think the game should focus more on the player experience and less on the technology of multi-line control for the player. Automating the farmer might relieve some of the stress of playing.


unless its somehow made less reliable then manually creating villagers such a feature should not exist.
sure auto scout exists, but its intentionally designed to be worse at scouting then manual scouting is.

auto create workers sounds like something that would be absurdly broken if not implemented without some sort of downside.


Perhaps internal garrisoning a farm would prove to be more efficient as it is a matter of recruiting them inside the farms or granaries surrounded by linked farms.

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I agree with automating things in order to give most players a goid game experience, but, as says MatCauthon, manual control should be much more rewarding for players who invest time in practice.
Maybe a considerable delay between a a vil is created and the next.
Or a cost penalty for each vil created in auto queue, like 50% more food.
Or not penalty, but vils created by autoqueue ignore rally points, so, you still have micro them.


We don’t need auto everything.

For things like auto scout there is a drawback (manual scouting is superior to what auto scouting does), but this feature don’t really seem to have a drawback, unless you make some artificial drawback (like others suggest). I am not really a fan of such workaround.


Even the auto-scout’s drawback is arificial, devs could scripting an almost perfect scouting routine if they want to. Is no superior to manual scouting on purpose…

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:sob:I have some disease in my hands, and it’s hard to micro a lot anymore


lol, but I have a problem with my hand. I still want to win the game.

This is why i support these ideas, is not only a skills issue, it is a game focus in strategy more than handy skills

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In RTS games, the winner is usually the person who can do more things than other people during the same time period.


50% agreed.
In RTS games, the winner is usually the person who can do more correct things than other people during the same time period.

One can still win while being slower than the opponent if he makes better moves/strategy. In fact choosing and successfully executing the better strategy than your opponent wins you more than just having faster hand speed imo.


I’m not principally opposed to auto-queue. My reasoning is as follows: an RTS game is in essence about making tactical decisions. Deciding to make one villager right after the last one completed is a no brainer. The same goes for continuing knight production while doing a knight rush. Automating this is in essence a quality of life improvement, not something that takes away from the decision making. This sits in contrast to what auto-scout does. I’m not saying auto-scout needs to go because this game isn’t about me and how I alone like to play, but I rarely use the feature because where to scout is a tactical choice that I should be making. Doing a two stable knight rush by keeping both stables running is a choice I already made, I just need to keep pressing hotkeys from time to time to actually get it done.


And for those of us that still play mostly against the AI is the ONLY way to win. :sweat_smile:
Beating the AI APM madness is impossible.


But wouldn’t it be more fun to focus on controlling the army instead of boring village-building

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Yeah, it just a Game to us, not ESPORT.

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This game is about building AND fighting, there are plenty of strategy games that about “just fighting” (Total War, for example)

There are even custom scenarios that have a similar premise, but to remove that aspect from the core game would be literally changing what the game is about

It’s an rts, being able to keep your production going is one of the skill you need to get to actually become good at the game.
And btw, it’s not a no brainer to keep production of vills/units, you need to know when it’s needed to go idle to get upgrades or more units/vills. That’s literally one of the reasons pros tend to activate the auto-reseed just in imp, because you could beed the wood for a siege shop instead of 4 farms.

Auto vills should never be implemented


And you nailed exactly what would be the downside, without any need for artificial nerf.
Imagine activating the auto-vills in dark age and forgetting to turn it off, thus preventing yourself from reaching the 500F needed for feudal, same for any other age.
Imho wouldn’t be so bad if they added it, I can live without it (as I had till now), but I wouldn’t be upset if they introduced the feature.
Besides it’s just units training, wouldn’t remove all the “building” part.

My point is that there’s actually decision making involved when it comes to producing units (how many of them and when) and that it’s a skill.
An rts is not only about strategy, it’s about being able to make strategic decisions while managing eco, military and production. Auto vills doesn’t belong in AoE2

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I swear to god, soon a toddler, younger than Liereyy even, can play this game