Give the Janissary back his hat!

For those who don’t know, early in development of the original Age of Kings, the Janissary used to have a very snazzy tall hat, which is historically accurate. Unfortunately, though, someone at Microsoft didn’t like it and wanted it to be removed. There are two conflicting stories about this: the first is that someone thought the Janissary looked like a member of a certain racial violence group whose acronyms are censored (which is a bit implausible to me); the other is that someone thought units were killing the Pope and demanded a change (if this is true, that’s just kinda dumb and ignorant to me).

Either way, the high-fidelity graphics of DE that we have now make the Janissary’s hat unmistakable for anything else, so I think he should have his hat back. The Royal Janissary has it, so there’s no reason the regular one can’t. Janissaries would be a lot more stylish and interesting with hats than without them. I remember as a kid seeing the Janissary picture and going to AoC and picking Turks; I was immensely disappointed when I discovered they didn’t have hats. No one else should have that experience, is what I’m saying.

That is all.


Giving them a more colourful uniform as they had historically might remove any confusion about looking like that triple K group.


Currently they indeed look bland, one of the units that would need a visual overhaul (as the cataphract got for the DE, now with a glorious Chi-Rho shield). The frankish throwing axeman would also need a visual overhaul.


Its fine as it is leave the 25 year old janni alone thank you.

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It’s not fine. The original Janissary was changed for stupid reasons, so we need to have it back. It would be in keeping with the original developers’ vision, if that’s your concern. The current one is also very historically inaccurate and not very flavorful.

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Give the Janissary back his hat!

Give the War Elephant a mahout!

Give the Dromon animated oars!


Only AoE1 ships in RoR have animated oars. Not a single aoe2 ship has them, if they do it with dromon they would have to do with other aoe2 ships.

Oars might be tricky, as it would need a different animation cycle than sails. Do longboats and turtle ships have animated oars ?

At least the Trireme from AoE1DE had animated oars.

Eh, those other two don’t affect flavor too much and also might be a bit difficult. The Janissary change would be as simple as swapping the Janissary model with the Royal Janissary one.

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There is one difference between aoe1de and RoR Trimere. In AoE1DE trimere ship body is actually moving/floating in water when its idle, but in AoE2 RoR its still.

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It’s a case of the devs cutting corners with visual work.

How to hack system censorship. 11

The bot is stupid, it relies on a chain of characters, sometimes counting some as equivalent to others or ignoring spaces. Once you understand that it’s easy to bypass :wink:

No one cares if he has a hat or not and original version aok for cd did not have this unit either.

If you want this so badly just make a mod by renaming the 2 units.

Actually, a ton of people care. A lot of people feel the way I do.

Make a poll and we will see.

I will as soon as I finish crushing this AI in Scrabble.

This is a good idea. It also makes it easier to differentiate between Jan and HCs in game. Luckily there is actually a mod you can install to have the hatted version.

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