Give the mule cart a building behavior?

It super annoying when you want to select villagers and it includes the mule cart. I think mule cart should be selected sperately.


I do agree, but also I think the design idea is that you can quickly garrison both vills and Mule Cart to buildings at the same time when you’re raided, and grouping them together for that purpose makes sense.

But it has been quite annoying to force drop off resources right now, as I accidentally very often select the Cart as well. Not sure how to go about it. I guess you could just garrison vills first and then manually select the Mule Carts…

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Force drop is a nightmare. Mule carts need a slight improvement of micro.

they could add a feature to allow toggle on/off. I can see drag select including mule cart to be useful. if u dont wish to select it, just hold ctrl + click the mule cart, or hold shift + click the vills after the drag selection.

also, does double clicking the vills also select mule cart?


i think an instant pack/unpack mechanic would be nice

its funny that oxcarts actually work in AoM and AoEO why cant this more modernized remade engine do it right?

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Easy fix is to just give both civs access to lumber camps and mining camps. That way you have the option to get hunt or other resources out on the map but you dont have to spend food or tolerate bugged mule carts for your stone, gold or woodlines. Mule carts are too bugged, villagers constantly get stuck, they don’t move deeper into woodlines as the wood depletes, so you still have to babysit them and also their HP is too low, so even archers with fletching can kill them. The downsides outweigh the benefits.