Give us back non-cheating hardest ai!

hey devs, please give us back non-cheating hardest ai! why is it in the game right now, even when the pup is running?!

this new ai sucks more than everything has ever sucked before and i am so pissed about you adding it without testing it.

your choices for the game are sometimes not really good, but this time terrible.

give us back this ai - for me is this patch the reason to quit aoe4 and go back to aoe2de.


The AI plays better and I like it, but I do not like that he has not improved and only gets bonuses. If the AI to improve and remove the bonuses would be perfect. At the moment I am satisfied with it because with the old AI was quite easy to play.

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Yeah, please change it back.

I am happy to lose to a smart AI that does better micro and macro.

It’s terrible to lose to a cheating AI.

We need an AI that can be punished for its wrong decisions. Not this.


The new cheating AI should be another difficulty like “Extreme”.

Hard AI being an AI that is just programmed to be good was just a much better idea, and I understand the aim of putting a cheating AI to force it to be really challenging. But, that shouldn’t detract from the original objective of making the AI good - and allowing players to have a chance to fight fair against the best AI.


they just have to put her in a new difficulty


i once asking you again for the return of the old hardest ai.

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