Give us Cancel hotkey (not delete key for delete)

For Cancelling under constructions
-> existed but !
-> If we have Cancel key, We can prevent from mistakenly deleting bulding

For Cancelling training Units
-> not existed! really need. why do we click them? it’s relly inconvenient


Yeah, idk about the cancel building one, but the cancel unit/tech one should 100% be a a thing

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Hold shift and right-click on queued units to remove 5 at a time.

clicking mouse is the most bad play.

Mouse pointer should go in-game player display not UI ok?

But it exists still. Sure a hotkey to clear the full queue for a building/all selected buildings could be a welcome one atleast for me.

? no hot key , now!

what did u say

Well in HD you couldn’t even hold shift to remove 5 per mouse click. So it’s already been improved is what I’m saying.

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clicking is very bad method noob

Here’s a tip for you; I’m not sure if you’re a native English speaker or not, but it’s very insulting to refer to someone as a “Noob” when they’re trying to have a discussion with you.

It’s also quite rude to directly call someone a noob in general, and usually very childish. It’s really a big deal in this community too, the Age of Empires 2 community is very mature and helpful most of the time.

As for your ideas, both are good, but I mainly would like the hotkey to cancel production of units or technologies. That would be AMAZING.

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My problem with this is I can’t cancel 5 knights from 5 different stables with this, it only works with one production building if I’m correct

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Thanks for recommendation.

I’m a big noob, go and deal with it.

So you mean, if you had mixed stuff in Q, you could empty either all units or all techs from it in 1 click?

Sadly yes.

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The process would be:

  1. Select Building
  2. Press hotkey
  3. Current production is canceled, no click needed.

Same effect as clicking a unit to pop it from the queue, but with a hotkey.

Yes I know, this is what the OP is suggesting. I was just asking for aclarification from Walkop as to what he meant. Guess I got it right.

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Correct. :slight_smile: