Give XP to the wall

The wall is one of the controversial structures. However, some defensive civilizations need walls. That’s why I want to make a simple suggestion to prevent them from building too many walls over two or three layers.

That’s what gives the wall destruction XP. When this happens, they don’t need to adjust the wall’s HP or its price, it creates another reason for the player to break the wall. The important thing is that they shouldn’t be given construction XP.

If the wall is destroyed, it can benefit the opponent, the player trying to build the wall will only build the wall as needed in the correct location. In addition, conserving resources by intentionally destroying pillars can also be blocked.

I’d love to hear from you on this proposal.


Every idea to nerf walls gets a thumbs-up from me

This is Great!! but is greater than i thought the same exact thing just yesterday!!
I always build 1 wall because it’s like more professional to me haha, or at least not that coward, but I always play with my Arquitecture card so they get stronger and Extended Fortifications, is not fair that the game is won by the one who builded more walls, is not real and boring, this should not even be a possibility (build all those layers of walls) maybe with 2 rings at different distances should be enough!

thanks for thinking for me! :grin:

The problem is that there is no reasonable amount that can be put on killing or building a wall because sometimes 1 wall piece can do the same job as 20 wall pieces in another situation. Basically the value can differ drastically, even throughout one game.

I like the idea behind this change but I don’t see how it can be implemented in a balanced way, and I think it’s not worth the bother.

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