Giving auto-tech natives to TWC civs instead of from africa?

Simply put africa having auto teching native units seems so out of place in terms of gameplay, balance, and especially when not playing on an African Map.

Ideally I would want this removed with african civs having to pay to upgrade their native units like every other civ, especially as they would be using heir free resource to do this.

A lot of player have put the north American native civs quite low on the civ listing at the moment and it may have better synergy with the feel of the civs for these civs to have auto teching native units or at least some discount/native buff specifically to the “native” civs.

Anyway, what ever happened to the french having their civ described as easier to ally with the natives from the vanilla version? If any civ deserves auto teching natives then its arguably the french instead of ethiopia/hausa


I would rather the TWC civs have a different native bonus rather then the one that the African civs now have since I don’t really think it plays to any of their design.

Maybe an idea is to being back the XP trickle for native tp, but only for TWC civs or maybe a resource shipment when constructed.

add on to this, could be part of civ design to have native tps have different effects for the different civ types

  • Asian civ : export trickle
  • TWC civs : xp trickle
  • Euro civ : crates

Edit: Also many civs have the blood brothers shipment which is kinda negated if you just give them shadow tech. (maybe this tech can be moved to age 3 and also make it grant a shadow tech, like how the new merc tech works)

we mustn’t forget of course that the african civs stole the revealed tps at the start of the match too


The civs are soo bust that this must be like point 98 on the list. They dont even need them revealed with cavalry explorers lol