Giving elephants in general final trample damage

Elephants are known to be really strong at first glance since they have a lot of hp and if they have melee damage they have a huge amount too. But they are slaughtered by spearmen line and if incas kamayuks as well.

If you give them more hp theyll be tankier so theyll become stronger against defensive structures too.
If you give them more attack, they ll get a bit buffed against all other melee units but its not like you will face your probably gold units against a unit that can be killed cost-effectively by using the spearmen line, right?
If you give them armor, itll be a bit similar to give them more HP

I think that giving them a final damage when they die (meaning that the elephant stomps the units under him) may be something more viable too since that attack will happen once and can reduce the effectiveness of the halbs counter attack.
The amount of damge given is something I d like you to discuss since too many of it will turn elephants into petards. Maybe 12 or 10 ignoring armor may be good?? Or maybe making this a bonus against pikes only if possile

Thanks for reading. I m reading opinions.

Final Trample damage at full?
Like for FU EWE, that would be (I think) 24 trample damage…

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EWE is already strong so giving them more of that idea may be a problem…
I was saying for all elephants the same
but I fear looking something like a malay EBE spam later and looking it effectively
I just want the elephants to be less… bad?

When Elephants are in great numbers they become very hard to stop even with counters. This might make them even harder to stop. The only thing that’s holding back elephants is their cost. The cost of the unit is there for a good reason. When I play maps/mods with infinite resources elephant civs are overwhelmingly dominant.

Elephants already excel in closed maps like Black Forest. They are slow but tanky and dish out lots of damage. If I’m playing as Khmer I tend to make lots of scorpions, their pikemen were a joke as they got ripped apart by them. Elephants are weak by themselves but if they are properly supported by ranged units they can take care of the elephant counter units, which allows the Elephants to act like a battering rams that can defend themselves.

Persians can make trash bows which easily kill pikemen.

On your typical poor resource map with no chokepoints elephants are not very viable. Nor are they very viable outside of team games.