Glitching / Hacking, Yes it is a thing boys

Bad Idea. Just no.

Monthly updates are necessary for everyone.

Someone checked if glitch is being fixed?
If so, i can start playing the game again.

It is

I want a rematch between Hera and MBL wanna be.

Not so tough now, are you?

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Yeah, wondering what happens with this account now :smiley:

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He’s gonna have a triangle stat
It goes down like it went up

He will be running the gauntlet through all those players he cheated till he plummets down to his real level.

That is called Karma

I guess nothing special happens. i dont think devs ban players for abusing bugs. I have heard anything about this.

This account will probably drop in rating, because all losses or become inactive.

I guess it will be banned soon

To me it seems like this players was just to good with the ‘features’ of the last patch. I dont know if that can be a reason to be banned. I wont be surprised if the devs decide the whole situation was their mess, so they dont ban anyone who abuse the bugs. I have never seen a statement from the devs that abusing the bug is a reason to get banned. So i am not sure if they get banned.

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It is still cheating.

Also, when the whole pro players became victims of this, that is when the devs can’t not ban these guys.

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Guys these people should be banned.

I could make a khmer cheating build order with 12 eles at minute 16 on your tc while having 4 scouts out at 12 and wipe out people too , is this correct ?

i could use these features too if I wanted its not science…

on the contrary I lost 100 elo and stopped playing…

It seems now you can’t research supplies more than 1 time.

Come on devs, let us have fun in SP…

Hmm, yes, after using “going above and beyond” cheat code I could research loom multiple times, but not supplies :slightly_frowning_face:

Dont take me wrong. I do also think this is undesired behavoir. I am also against abusing bugs. I do also think the devs had to be more transparant about their mess. I have never seen a statement from the devs about the consequences of using this issue. Reported players on this forum where in many cases hidden, because ‘calling out players is forbidden’. So they whole process of what is accepted and what not is hidden for us. This makes the point of view of the dev team on this point unclear.

Also: When do someone needs to be banned? Only if pro players become victims? There are also many players at lower level abusing the bugs. Why not all? And what about someone who accently used the bug? This can happen. Can we see somehow the difference between someone who accently used the bug and someone who just wanted to abuse the bug? It is not really clear to draw the line between what is acceptable and what not.

To be really clear: I stopped playing this game too because of all the bug abusers.

Pro players are already victims and they reported cheaters in youtube and in this forum. Nothing happened. There are several cheaters in the top 20 RM, AOE DEV’S are doing NOTHING!!!

Now, I checked his profile, his rank is still #13, but he isn’t there on the 1v1 RM list anymore.

This means something…

You missed my point. I said even if the lower ones never get banned, this one will.

Take a look in the 1v1 RM leaderboard now
The cheater is no longer there

Ahhh, yep missed your point, sry about that!

Just checked, indeed he is not longer there, but we still have to check if he is banned or only hidden

I actually wished he was there
And then had to face everyone he cheated against and get ■■■■■■

Karma it is

:joy::joy::joy::joy: you could argue that the devs removing the 1 minute grace period was them ‘doing something about this’ since if you were to draw a known cheater, you’d just be screwed.

Slow clap for this 3D chess level brilliance in game development? :joy::joy::joy:

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