Global Modify Attribute

I’d like a way to globally modify attributes. If I wanted EVERY unit to have 1 additional movement speed, or increased range, there isn’t currently a way to do it without creating a Modify Attribute line item for every individual unit in the game.

There is KIND OF a workaround where I could change the Object Speed of groups of troops like Infantry, Calvalry, Civilians (currently each of the 13 iterations of civilian need their own listing), siege, and healers, but I’m unable to “set” and only “add” to the attribute with that method. This means that new units that are trained will not recieve the attribute change without further increasing the Attributes of units that were already created. Plus it makes all the units of those types the same speed instead of keeping the existing game balance of speeds (elephants will be the speed of calvalry, and Woad Raiders and Tuetonic Knights will be the same speed, for example)

Even if there was an additional ability to “set, add, multiply” added to “Change Object (attribute)” (I would love this) I still feel that’s too clunky of a method for globally changing units because of the number of types of units (currently, the shortest possible list I could make while keeping the general current game balance between units, was 26 line items long [again, this was incomplete list and Woad raiders were the same speed as Tuetonic Knights, ect…). Not only that, but I’ll have to copy that trigger for each player and then change each individual line item on the trigger to affect “x player” instead of “y player” for each of those 26. That makes what could be one setting change, into well over a hundred, if not hundreds. And the scariest part of all that? If you need to make an adjustment to that setting or the balance between the units… you have to modify EVERY. SINGLE. Line item for EVERY player’s trigger. Thousands of clicks for one point of adjustment.


There have been mentions that DE devs are looking to add all UserPatch 1.5 features to the game, but I guess only time will tell (that being said they may not implement it the same way as it is to AoC).

But what you described is scenario designing in a nutshell, even though you can make that in AoC now with just only 1 trigger. :sun_with_face:

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