Go to military unit hotkey

Does anyone know if there is a “Go to Military Unit” hotkey? There’s one for “Go to idle military unit” but I can’t find a hotkey to go to a random active military unit.

It would be very helpful if there was one as I don’t work with control groups. I’ve got plenty of ways to go to my economy (Go to Towncenter or Go to idle villagers) but no hotkeys to go to the battlefield other than a military unit that is by chance idle. I’m trying to keep my hotkeys relatively simple.

There is hotkey for selecting all land limitary units. It is restricted by unit selection limit being 60 though :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah but then I would need to use another hotkey to “Go to selected unit”.

Im not against developers adding this function to the game but you should make control groups with your active army. Why would you wanna go to random active military unit instead of specific one escapes my reasoning.


I don’t use double keys as hotkey so this whole control group thing is too difficult for me. Also, I don’t have time to make all those control groups.

If DE could just make a hotkey for this, I would be very happy. It’s perhaps 1 minute of work to add this to the game. Not asking for much here.

Well, I have been playing Real Time Strategy games for over 30 years (11) and I can say creating and managing control groups is the bread and butter of the core mechanics of it. I really encourage you to try them. In my case, Im currently using SPACE BAR as CTRL for them, because my fingers are too small or the keyboard is too big (11).

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