God, give us something!


July is around the corner and I have already pulled out almost all my hair …

Give us something to play Beta or show more videos. Or show the last 2 nations …

What are you still waiting for?!?!

I’m very impatient.


Because I’m drooling completely out of the game.
I’m excited about where the game is going …

So hurry up Dear developers, give something to the community or I’ll be bald …



I agree. We are waiting more videos. People are thinking Age of 4 will fail. So devs can show more videos to prevent people worries. If devs dont show more videos people will be more suspious for current state of the game.


AoE 4 will not fail … rather it will overcome everything …

It’s just that each nation will have different units, different research, different opportunities to play … all this guarantees success …

I love the variability of the game …


Some new unconfirmed footage…

just joking… :wink:

Iam waiting for new stuff too and i can feel your pain.


I hope so man. İf it fails, it will be huge disappointment.

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BEST POST :smile: :smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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I total agree !!! Let show us some gameplay videos or something news plsssssssss


I’m surprised they haven’t given us a 1v1 fight between the developers, and at the same time showing us some of the functions and gameplay.

That way we can see a normal match and get a good understanding of how it feels while they explain stuff along the way.


I think its time for them to start showing some gameplay. I think they can save some full match gameplay for later, as there’s still about 4 months. But with 8 civs, 4 ages, and a bunch of units - I don’t see why we can’t start getting a short gameplay video at least every couple weeks, if not weekly.

As it is right now, thanks to how all we have are very brief clips with the camera panning and zooming everywhere, I don’t even know how zoomed in normal gameplay looks, or what angle it is usually viewed at.

I’m constantly told the graphics are meant for gameplay purposes, but see no gameplay to underatand that.

The arrows were once huge for gameplay purposes, then shrunk due to negative feedback. Was it the right decision to shrink them down? I don’t know since I’ve never seen gameplay.

Game is available for preorder, but I have no idea how it plays.

I’ve drifted from hyped to a mixture of worried and annoyed at this point.


We dont see any new Hre, Rus, Mongol videos. I want to see them. I am so suspious about game is ready but the game have full bugs so they dont want to show new videos.


They ALREADY showed the last two (2) civilizations. :smiley: :smiley:

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We dont see them while playing. I want to see any civ 1 vs 1 video. I think we can see if the game is % 80 ready.



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What are you waiting for?(AOE4) I have pre-order this game. Please give us what we need, tell us more about gameplay videos or at least the next informations 2 civs , or beta test, sorry for this impatience of mine.

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Thats a lot of confidance. AoE II players arent easily pleased and if people like their main game more (AoE II & III) than the game has to work with new players, which arent going to be a lot as they have chosen to make the setting and a lot of mechanics the same as AoE II.


this is the best thing I have ever seen :rofl:

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A related to this topic song. ( the update song )

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I have some new information it can be found in the linked thread below…

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Yeah im still waiting for that BETA invite. Devs - your move.

Iam waiting for a proper gameplay video. Isn’t it time to show some 1 v 1??

Iam really excited for this game, please show some gameplay!