GOG release

Will this game release on GOG?
Hear me out. I am not a CD Projekt fanboy or anything, I just like things simple. Having the ability to install a game without the need for authentication or clients is great. After all, this game is no Xbox/MS Store exclusive, being already listed on Steam. Why couldn’t it also be released on GOG? In case it’s because of piracy, fear not, the game is going to be pirated either way, so let this ancient control freak mindset die.

Could this game be released on GOG? Should it be released on GOG? Is MS still believing DRM does anything else than bother honest gamers while pirates remain unaffected? What do you think?


seems extremly unlikely microsoft would release the game without DRM.

I don’t believe so
Since none of the other new content or older AOE games are available on GOG I am guessing AOE IV will not be either
I think AOE IV might only be available on Microsoft Store and Steam like all the Definitive Editions

That won’t happen. I can say they will rather release it on 1$ game pass for windows 10 than on GOG. Heck, I can even say that they will put it on XBOX (highly unlikely) than on GOG.

Anyhow, welcome to the community @AteyxFuture :slight_smile:

Thanks. You say it won’t happen but why? Microsoft regularly releases their games on Steam so why not release it on GOG? GOG is a niche store for sure but it regularly sells 10 - 20% of what Steam sells, sometimes even about the same in extreme cases, so it’s not like it’s irrelevant. What makes Microsoft resent GOG so much? Is it their lawyers? Does Microsoft simply not trust their own customers and need to police them with DRM at all costs? :slight_smile:

P. S.: Also if anyone uses the forum for a longer period of time: How often do the devs or staff respond to threads?

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