Going to PUP back to current version Steam Achievement dates have been reset

Today I tried out the PUP and map editor.

I wanted to play the current version so I turned off beta mode.

The game wouldn’t launch because I had my first map saved to a folder that would prevent the current version of the game from launching. I deleted my test map and test map directory from my AoE4 local data folder because the logs said that it was preventing the current version from launching and it was crashing.

Uninstalled AoE4 and reinstalled. Verified Steam files.

Booting up the current version of the game finally, all the Steam Achievements started popping up and now it says that I earned every single one on March 10th (today). Every game I’ve played on Steam, I’ve never had the dates reset.

Some might not think this is a big deal, but for me the dates do matter if I wanted to reference a certain date I earned my first playthrough of the game - now that is lost.

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How were you able to get the original game back?

  1. In Steam right click on game from your game list
  2. Click properties
  3. Select “Betas”
  4. “Select the beta you would like to opt into:” select option and make it set to “None”

If the game still crashes and you’ve used the Essence map editor previously. See here

Hey there @Drumsin - From the description, the deletion of the localdata folder is what reset your achievement dates. If you are able to recover the file, then your dates might set-back, but I cannot guarantee that they are recoverable.

Users that were sent a Steam Key for the Age of Empires IV Content Creator (Beta) should not encounter this issue. However, if you launched the Content Creator from the EssenceEditor.EXE file directly, you are likely to encounter a similar issue. Please use the steps on this FAQ page to resolve this:

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@Licidy thanks for your reply.
The only folder that I deleted was the Age of Empires IV - Test directory. Which is why I found it strange that after an uninstall of the game via Steam and reinstall the dates were lost.

What is the file called that contains the dates?

What is the ubication of the localcata folder?