Hello Community,

I hate it in Aoe1 with the gold.

So many units need Gold, but you need it always on normal size map.
What will you in AoE DE?
Trade carts? Gold with Relique or anothers?

Thx you for the ideas

I agree that there should either be more ways of getting gold or more units that don’t cost gold. In the original version you were pretty much screwed in the late game if you didn’t have chariots. Trade carts could be added, but they would only work for team games. There are no relics in AoE1, but controlling ruins and artifacts could give some gold income.

I think the ruins or artifacts is a good idea.

Its bring more strategy by the game.
It will be funny when 8 players in ffa fight for the ruins.

The way gold worked in AoE1 gave it the feeling of scarcity. You would always have 2 gold pits mine with each game and usually the map would offer an extra pit or two for you and the enemy to work towards. You generally had to use you army efficiently to win games or strategize around extra gold pits.

Or you could always steal your enemies gold pits. #win

Yes, while I think some new ways of getting gold could be added, the scarcity of gold is one of the defining features of the game and gold should definitely not be made too easily available.

@damentist yeah but with the ruins you have the same strategy.

You need to hold it, and you dont can bring it to you’re base

I agree, gold being scarce makes it more valuable, than, say, food. AoE3’s factory and mill/plantation system was convenient, but made it possible for conflicts to slog for hours on end as both sides wouldn’t run out of resources. I recall a lack of gold often forcing me to use different units, often of lower quality. I don’t think it’s such an awful hard cap, just like stone. I do hope we get gates though…

There should definitely be additional ways to gather resources. Gold was indeed a problem which could easily be fixed by implementing either extended map resources or player-to-player (or player-to-npc) trading via market.
But with that in mind everything else could also be extended, I’d like to see a sort of in-game mechanic where you would be able to send trade caravans between markets (much like in AoE II) that could carry more than just gold (like the trade routes in AoE III), the player would be offered to possibility of choosing what to gain from the caravans that travel the long and dangerous distances.

@HaiCinderella I never cared to play my matches centered around ruins or artifacts. I always set my game Victory setting to Conquest. The only good thing about them was knowing where an enemy was/is or where they are currently moving on the map; ie if they were dragging along an artifact in their army.

@damentist i dont mean victory or conquest. I mean that you become gold when you have the ruins.
I think thats a good idea to become gold and bring more strategy in the game

You could destroy the enemy, leave his docks alive, select stance to ally and proceed to get some gold from his docks.

The problem, of course, is that this only works on water maps. And as such, trade carts are quite a good idea for the game.

Increase the amount of gold each gold mines gives could be a choice. But if you allow ruins and artifacts to give G/s it will allow a more wide number of strategies to control the game.

The only time I had a huge problem with gold was extreme late game. I never thought it was intended to have every upgrade in the game unless it was absolutely necessary, nor every unit that costed gold. To me it always seemed like it was part of the strategy to use it efficiently.

from what I gather so far. this game is AOE (if it were made with today’s tech)
so to have unlimited gold is straying from the game proper.
maybe have various modes, where you could tick a box for unlimited and are only matched with others who play that way. but I think vanilla is the way to go. do the best you can with a finite supply. fight over the mines, etc…
if this isn’t your bag, mobile games may be more your thing. like that clash-of-clans-like, pay to win, freemium crap.

Limited supply of gold is a game-defining feature for me, I wouldn’t change it. Maybe we could think of some balance changes like increasing amount of gold in each ore and/or decreasing mining rate at the same time, so they’d last for a bit longer?

Gold should be valuable as a resource, no? Wood and food are for fodder units

@Ravnico said:
Increase the amount of gold each gold mines gives could be a choice. But if you allow ruins and artifacts to give G/s it will allow a more wide number of strategies to control the game.

Back in 1997 when AoE vanila was released, the maximum population was 50 due to limited internet and pcs, so the game was done with that in mind. Later with patch 1.0a and Rise of Rome expansion, they extended the max population to 255 but didnt change anything in the map resources generation.

That said, some changes are necessary, like to increase gold mine storage (at least 20% in each mine) as well as land trade which would add more strategy without change the core of the game.

I agree. If the population is increased to 200 there should be more gold to allow for the larger number of units. Simply making the maps have more gold piles would probably be the solution that changes the core gameplay the least, but increasing the amount of gold per pile would work as well.

@“KGB Crazy” Yes, I made another post about the trading system and we talk about land trade as a fundamental in new AoE I. The more population, the more ressources, we all agree with that fact :wink:
It is also true that an unbalanced infinite gold supply will make the game “too easy” and less strategical.
Hope we can give a sight to how they started the implementation of the new system.

The market carts should be expensive and generate less gold than in the aoe2. That would make you really hold on your catapults etc