Goldmines on cliffside are majorly bugged, can't build pitmines

I have had that bug now every time I play that map
My last seed was 09e1da33.
You just can not place your pitmines on the goldmines, for absolutely no reason.
Most of the mines are also blocked arround with trees and cliffs, so you can not get houses up around your pitmine.

Is there no beta testing in this game before releasing new content?

Please fix ASAP
Also please fix the fact, that the goldmines are all placed between terrain, so building houses around is completely impossible…

This map is unplayable for malians lots of times.

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Please fix asap, Malians are almost unplayable on this map and you have to waste a veto for it.

Any Dev/mod still active here?

Same bug just happened on Himeyama and cost me the game.
This is becoming super frustrating, please fix asap!!!

Until you fix it, please take Himeyama and cliffside out through hotfix.
Mali is unplayable when it happens.

Map seed was 78ab4180

I can’t believe this bug isn’t getting adressed.
I am really losing the hope for the devs and this game.
This is not going into good direction.

More and more faulty content is released to cash in money but the bugfixing is almost entirely ignored.

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Any Dev here?
The dlc has been out for a good month and still no fix in sight, no communication.
This is honestly more than disappointing.
A malian player has to waste a veto for this map, as it is unplayable.

Fix asap!!!
Can not be so hard of a job to take so many weeks for a small fix.

Unfortunately this problem was not addressed in the new patch.

This severe bug is game-breaking when playing Malians.
It has now been multiple months without even a short reply regarding this bug.

Please acknowledge and fix asap.
Thank you very much.

Thank you for reporting this @Carry_Potter_woll
We will check into this as soon as we can.

Thank you very much! @Cobaltdragon913
I kindly wanna remind you that this bug occasionally also happens on other maps for the Malians.
It would be amazing if the DEVS could also make sure to consistently remove trees, berries, other ressources and obstacles around goldmines, which currently block malians from building each 8 houses around the pitmines.

Is there any update so far, looking towards the coming patch?
Best regards.

Same thing now happened on George.
The big gold vein was bugging and I couldn’t build my pitmine there.
The small one was surrounded by trees and only allowed small number of houses.

Please fix asap, this is ruining Malians.

If this is not fixed within this season, I’m out of this game.

As the patchnotes are out, I am very disappointed for the cliffside (and other maps) bug not having found its way into the coming patch, even though I had reported it ages ago.

I kindly request you to add this important (!) bugfix into the patch before it goes live.
If the patch is already closed, add a small hotfix.

I even wrote a reminder 16 days ago, so this bugfix does not fall off the to-do-list for the coming patch, but it was seemingly ignored.

This bug is unacceptable and there was plenty of time to fix it for the coming patch.
Specifically for cliffside, the gold-vein positions and distribution is unacceptable often times, as very often one player has only 1 mine in his starting “prison”.
The 2nd mine is often very far behind other cliffs, as all the other mines are bugged and snuggling cliffs, which makes it impossible to build pitmines there and if you can at least build them, they are impossible to defend, as they are almost at the enemy base.

Please process asap.

Same bug now happened to me multiple times on George.
The big gold vein is completely bugged, can’t build pitmine there.
Porbably because of berries spawn.

I hope to see it on 18th when the patch comes online.
If not, I’m out of this game.
It can not happen that simple to fix bug gamebreaking as this persists for multiple months and stays unaddressed.

Push 20
more than characters

Any sign of life?
Is the fix added for the patch of 21st of march or the map taken out of map pool by hotfix?

This is still on our radar.
It doesn’t look like a fix was able to be implemented in time for today’s update, but it should have a fix coming for it.

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Thank you so much for the reply and the efforts of fixing it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I just tried a few custom games and the pitmines were not bugging out in any of the matches.
Gotta play more to confirm.

Though, the terrain and other ressources are still blocking the space for houses, so Malians can’t get the full pitmine income often times.
This is also the case for other maps, especially George.

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