Gonna Miss Old Tupac Rebellion

I am lamenting the change that Tupac Rebellion Card (Incas) no longer turns Macemen into Light Cannons as it was a favorite one for me as I liked to craft THE biggest Field Cannon pops. Now with it gone I only got this nonexistent sceenshot of a 95 selected Field Cannons (my computer crashed not long ago taking it and some other memories with it).

Now I could futilely pray it being reverted, but there was probably a reason for it changing (aside from the rework Macemen JUST got). I would like to hear if it actually caused trouble to someone (I wouldn’t know since I only play vs AI) as it doesn’t seem like a viable tactic in treaty (it’s more of a continious stream units that wins the games, and removing all your vills is way to risky) and it requires so much prep time in regular games that I never see it used (which honestly seems like a good disinsentive against Uber-Turtling).

If anyone got some memories from hundreds of Light Cannons thundering in their match in the form of Screenshots, Videos or just Personal Stories, I would love to see them shared here as I can’t find any videos on Youtube showing it being used in this way.

P.S.Developers… You forgot to change the tooltip on the Tupac Rebellion Card. Might as well ask for a future cheatcode or similiar that can restore this dream.

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I’m gonna miss the old Oromo Warriors, Sure they’re were difficult to use properly but they were unique as ranged hussars and very handy if used correctly.

No they weren’t. They were bad in every single situation.

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There are two types of people

I never really used Tupac’s Rebellion or Oromos, so idk what they were like

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