Good conversation with Jez Corden

Jez of Warcraft
Ho Jez, do you think we’ll hear more info about AOE 4 at GAMESCOM?
Ieri, 8:26 PM
Jez of Warcraft
Possible, some of the producers are at Gamescom
Ieri, 8:36 PM
Do you mean Adam Isgreen or Shannon Loftis?
Ieri, 9:21 PM
Shannon has nothing to do with aoe afaik
Others :slight_smile:
Jez of Warcraft
Might be wrong but im expecting some aoe hopefully
Ieri, 9:28 PM
AOE 4 it’s been announced 1 year ago. All this silence is too strange to me. No info, images, or setting have been shared.
Ieri, 9:30 PM
Jez of Warcraft
I know it’s doing well and the team is eager to show it, just need to wait a bit
Ieri, 9:31 PM
Relic can’t say nothing, i suppose.
MS could show It at Gamescom with gamepass for PC platform
Phil Spencer said MS is working on new visione about PC platform
Ieri, 9:32 PM
Jez of Warcraft
When :o
Ieri, 9:33 PM

Spencer: We Didn’t Respect The PC Gaming Audience Earlier, Goal Is To Be Much More Native From Now…

Ieri, 9:34 PM
Ah, cheers, will read when I get a better signal
Jez of Warcraft
They need to do something soon or their PC aspirations are done
Ieri, 9:36 PM
This is the Reason i’m asking for Aoe4 or Gamepass Pc
PC games is alive
They should improve MS store
However, thanks for info. Cheers from Italy. Ciao Jez.
Ieri, 9:39 PM
Jez of Warcraft
Will keep ye posted if I learn more, cheers mate
Ieri, 9:41 PM

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About gamescom… If they don’t show anything, not even the aoe2 def edition, i declare aoe to be dead and start searching another genre to enjoy. There aren’t any rts games anymore that seem to be worth playing. Only discusting amounts of shooters and rpg’s at E3 and gamescom, because the masses don’t want to use their brains anymore.
And yes, after 15 years of playing rts games i suck heavily at all shooters. For instance: fortnite after 431 games: k/d ratio of 0,31… So there is no game left to enjoy for me at the moment. Maybe in the future diablo 4…