Good suggestions for improving the game AoE2: DE

  1. I Really want to fix a very unpleasant situation when units are standing and suddenly start to run in different directions, making room for other units.

  2. I would Very much like to have in the game, the same game search system as in Company of Heroes 2.

  3. I Think that developers have a very good opportunity to earn, it is to create separate unique additional types of units for each of the Nations, as well as create unique external types of national units, for example, that the same champion would look different, depending on the nation, because it is not so difficult to do, and take a small fee for it, without fanaticism.

  4. Очень хотелось что бы исправили очень неприятный ситуацию когда юниты стоят и вдруг начинают разбегаться в разные стороны освобождая место для других юнитов.

  5. Очень бы хотелось иметь в игре, такую же систему поиска игры как и в Company of Heroes 2.

  6. Считаю что разработчикам есть очень хорошая возможность зарабатывать, это создавать отдельные уникальные дополнительные виды юнитов для каждой из наций, а так же создавать уникальные внешние виды национальных юнитов, к примеру что бы тот же чемпион по разному выглядел, в зависимости от нации, ведь это не так уж и сложно сделать, и брать за это небольшую плату, без фанатизма.


Wich is…?

Actually unique skin variations for each civ wouldn’t be that easy of a work as you suggest. And although that could be very charming on campaigns, it would be very problematic in multiplayer, as unit models would loose all the consistency necessary to easily indentify them.

For anyone wondering: point 4 through 6 are just the untranslated version of point 1 through 3.

Could you make video about it?

Thanks, cause I didn’t bother to translate.

  1. this is when you set a collection point for units and they go there, when a bunch of them gathers and there is no place for them at the collection point, then the standing units with politeness begin to run away who where, and even going to the enemies with complete disregard for them, thereby stupidly die, and by the way, even units run away when, for example, you have already collected a formation, for example, halberdiers, archers and monks, so the incoming new units also make the formation run in different directions, before this was definitely not.

I apologize in advance for my English, translate google translator from Russian to English, I myself am from Belarus where we have this idiot Lukashenko, we all hate him here, but they can not throw him off the throne.

  1. Search for the game as in the game Company of Heroes 2, this is very good, there just click search for games against people, etc.and after a while the game is located and you start playing, you are selected players for your level, and then in AoE2 DE it happens that until you find the game so you do not want to play.

  2. The model units anyway, but it’s pretty cool, I think AoE2 DE play more due to the fact that the game is very beautiful graphics, people come into the game more in order that would to some extent enjoy the historic battle, the exception, the beauty of the battle really spoil siege units, especially such as onagers, and if you add even more differences in units of each nation, then the game will become even more a work of art, not just there is a passing game, so the main thing we must remember, most people play this game for years, still more for the sake of beauty, and only a small part of the players - for the sake of gameplay.

all right, I use Goggle translator, and translate from Russian to English, as unfortunately I do not have a full knowledge of English.

Oh, I see. This is not random, mainly happens due to unit stances. On DE, by default, military units spawn with agressive stance, thus charging and chasing into enemies alone and uncoordinated when you left them idle. You can toggle this off on the settings menu, so the units won’t spawn on agressive stance. You can also manually micro your units and change their stance after they spawn.

AOE2DE also has matchmaking, it’s the ranked mode. Works just how you described, give it a try!

Surely there are many players who enjoy playing the game for its aesthetics components, but I can grant you that they are not even near to be the majority of the playerbase. The thing that the most of players care the most is indeed gameplay. Just a few weeks ago a international multiplayer 1v1 tournament on the game reached a audience of more than 50 thousand concurrent viewers at its peak. That’s just how immensely the community cares about the gameplay aspect. And standard multiplayer is all about gameplay anyway. The game does have room for those who enjoy the visual experience the most (hence I even agreed with your idea when it comes about campaings), with stuff such as the editor, but it is not on the standard multiplayer and won’t be, as it would kill many reasons why gameplay is so good.

Don’t worry, you doing good!

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Actually, if the game was not so beautifully done, it would have died long ago. It’s powerful editor kept it replayable and kept its fanbase for over twenty years. Gameplay alone would not.

Nothing wrong with the actual translation, I was just under the impression that you had 6 items you wanted to discuss and you did not bother or forgot to translate the rest and didn’t feel like translating it on my own. So all is cool now.