Gore Poll

Gore Poll
  • Blood
  • Skeleton
  • Blood and skeleton
  • No gore
  • Toggle gore option

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Just like most fans, I want blood and skeletons but I think due to regional restrictions we’ll only see blood in game.

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Just let people toggle blood on/off.


Maybe different versions for said regions or a toggle option? Doesn’t make much sense to leave features out of the game that most fans want and could enjoy in their own regions. AOE2:DE still doesn’t have a skeleton mod as far as I can tell. Instead we are left with sinking models which look odd a little time after they start sinking, like a bunch of speckles of the various team colors.

Its not that simple due to regulations & laws in curtain countries. Not to mention age restrictions. As an example, adding skeletons and pools of blood to the game could completely remove China as a market. They would loose 50% of their costumers. I also want some gore, I hope they can find away around it.

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Definitely need gore, this is a war game


I’m an insider but I can’t vote in this poll? I have been an insider for at least a year was in the AOE DE Beta and recently reconfirmed myself as one giving my diagnostic again and linking my steam profile etc. Weird.

On topic though I definitely want skeletons and blood! I miss AOE2 skeletons and bodies remaining for a while after a battle. It’s a shame this was removed in DE.


Toggle option. But that’s also because I’d appreciate just having more options to tweak and optimize at will.

blood with a toogle would be nice

Blood and dismemberment would be the most logical options.

Judging by the art style however, I don’t think we’ll get either. At least physics are in, so you can see units blown away when hit by a strong force and crumple into a heap.


I said this crap a long time ago…have a ■■■■■■■■ toggle for blood.

Blood and skeleton or Toggle gore option. Majority of the people who not like gore are parents or kids, who normally play games like fortnite (but even those often like blood)


are you saying the dev teams dont have technology to disable certain game details depending on region? come on dude… even Left4Dead has it and it came out like 10 years ago lol


Hey dev team, why not replace all weapos with this:
Since you hate gore so much, why not ban war in general? killing people is brutal and very distusbing!
Censor the entire game and replace it with teletubbies.
Im speechless


I’m dead :smiley:
Separating a war simulation from blood and violence to get a lower ESRB rating so that the tiny number of parents who actually look at the ratings will buy their preteen the game and probably increase the sales a little bit.
At the same time pissing off the hardcore fans by that decision. Not very smart, is it?



Soemething I don’t understand about microsoft is why they made age IV for 12 years old kids ? I mean, they don’t have money to buy games that’s why they play fornite

It reminds me of commandos 2 remaster they censored mazy siymbols and blood lol! A game about killing nazis, the same here a medieval game


even if it is not blood n gore, units should fall and stay on the ground a bit… having them instantly disappear is not much fun.

I’m having the same problem.

I could see having them off as default, with a free dlc for regions it’s allowed.

Build it in but region lock it.
Else build it in and disable it so that modders can enable it.