Got embarrassed by villager should I have responded?

I was Vietmanese playing against Goths. I go up to feudal and all of the sudden, my opponent sends like 10-15 villagers to harasses me to death; then later kept on sending pikes along with villagers to keep harassing me. I kept trying to build military bases, but got destroyed.

MP Replay v101.102.28520.0 @2023.09.22 205709 (2).aoe2record (2.3 MB)

What should I have done?

Try to move some villagers to another part of the map to regroup there?

I haven’t seen the rec but usual advice for stuff like this (incl builds like the Goth forever drush, Japanese 16 pop MAA flood) is to build production within protection range of your TC. Don’t worry abt farming space because the game usually won’t get that far.

If they can’t rush down your range, you get 6 archers out (fletching helps) and keep them alive they can’t win any more fights. You can consider idling TC, but that’s dependant on how much pressure you’re facing, since this is usually full all in but opp can adapt.