Goth fix

I think the current state of goths is questionable, free loom and the cheaper infantry in dark age makes their MAA rush or dark age rush really strong.

my Suggestions for the civ bonuses would be:
Infantry civilization
• Infantry cost -20% in Dark, -25% in Feudal, -30% in Castle, -35% in Imperial Age
• Infantry +1 attack vs. buildings per age (starting from Feudal Age)
• Villagers +5 attack vs. wild boar; hunters carry +15 meat (get +50 % food from wild animals, similar to tatar bonus)
• remove the free loom
+ 5% of the maximum population starting from dark age (or starting with 2% and getting 1% in every age) this bonus would be similar to the huns and would make the start a bit easier. Also it would kinda solve the issue you have, if you play with non standard setting (e.g. with 500 pop, or with 25 pop). Where the bonus is either useless or completly broken.

i do think those changes would keep goths on a similar power lvl, but weaken the dark age rush /maa rush a bit.

Just my thoughts, what do you think?

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The goths need a big nerf, their buffs recently are just a big jokes.


Goths are fine, the civ barely sees tournament play.
They are alos one of the few civs to actually use Infantry effectively, or at all.

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Yes, it’s cool to see non-Halberdier infantry in the lategame.


It is cool to see Champs and Infantry UUs too, both of which the Goths actually play, unlike Japanese, Vikings, Malay, Malians or Aztecs.
Most Infantry civs just do one of them, while Goths actually use Champs and Huskarls in tandem, often.


This would buff Goth fast castle on Arena by quite a bit, which is a no-no in my book.

I’m barely 1100 elo and it took me no more than 10 games against goths to understand how to counter them. They do not represent a threat anymore to me. I mean, not that they are easy to win against, but I would not say they’re strong by any means. I don’t understand how people see them as overpowered. In my opinion they are in a very good place for low-mid elo players, but not strong enough for competitive.


Thing is, there are just some Civs that have huge problems against goths. Basically any civ that has a bad swordsman line will struggle severely against goths, whereas any civ that does have a good swordsman line will have a quite easy fight. I think that makes goths just flawed by design.

Goths do have a competitive spot against Archer civs, and fill that niche of a counter-pick very well.

They have ONE strong strategy, and that is it. Any civ with good Champions, or just decent Skirms and Hussars, can handle Goths decently well.

They do have the second highest winrate overall. Even 1250 -1650 they have allmost 55% winrate. That indicates, that they are a very strong civilasation and even if you know what is coming it can be hard to defend

Again angry people with the Goths just because of winrates and aggression direction… :roll_eyes:
Pro Players already know very well to defend themselves against the infantry spam.
before starting to complain the Goths state is better to learn how to play against them, Even I’mnot a pro and defeated a Goth player in cenotes AS MAYANS


Yeah goths so strong they get wrecked at the pro level

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And? Other civs have difficult matchups as well. Boohoo to mayans one of the strongest civs in the game for having a bad matchup

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I agree the population limit bonus should be +5% instead of +10, because the current implementation breaks 25 pop games. How can you win with 25 against 35?


Isn’t the whole purpose of 25 pop games to pick Goth and thus be proud of your own strategic genious? I would be hesitant to include changes based on very obscure and specific mods, because any change has a potential to introduce new bugs.