Goths needs small eco buff

Your thoughts? Do you think they good civ, bad, complete?


They are a decent civ that is good at Rushing, and suffers from getting Rushed.

You play Goths if you have the micro and game knowledge to make them work, or are playing against an Archer civ.

Goths are fine, maybe a buff towards Cavalry (Plate Barding), but it is not even needed.

Being 1 villager ahead compared to other civs after Dark Age is a small eco buff (loom instant research)

what else do you want?

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More seriously, the title of your topic and what you actually said don’t match that well.


Goth have been changed several time since the release of DE and they are at a very balanced state right now. They shouldn’t be touched for a while…

Yeah their results in pro games and tournaments totally say they are a decent civ.

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Pro players said Goth need some small buff, but what exactly? Lets talk.

You would have thought the 35% discount on militia in Dark age (that got Goths banned from HC3) would have disgusted pros from wanting Goths ever buffed again 11

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Even time the devs buff Goths, they have to nerf them next patch.
Stop messing with the Goths, the civ is what it is, and is in a decent shape.

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Fully agree!

one of the easiest: Make loom researched normaly (not instantly) but for free, no gold cost for them.

This way

  1. you hinder trolling instaloom villager forward kill boars-huntables etc.

  2. you allow them to do 6 militia rush or 3-4 MAA rush without mining gold which should be a valid strategy for them since they have nothing else until castle age.

They just need something beneath their infantry. They are too one-sided.
That’s all.

But of course there would be the option of giving goth the biggest initial eco bonus (food + wood) but less discount, also increasing the cost of huskarl just a bit - this would balance them in all elos.

Thats the point of goths: champs overrun enemy infantry, pikes deal with cav and huskarl deals with archers, only if you get samurai or teutonic knights is gameover for u but than again u can add hand cannons so i think they are good

They can go very easy 6 militia drush and still have 50 gold left for loom, why would u want to give em 50 gold for free? In dark age?

I’d leave Goths alone at this point. They’re built around a gold unit that’s arguably unbalanced, or at least fundamentally impractical as a core army unit, as its rarity in other infantry civs show despite strong infantry bonuses, and so the civ itself can never have balance.

Nevertheless, the Goths are the only infantry civ in the game which can reliably and consistently go full M@A due to a combination of a faster Barracks, cheaper infantry, and a faster Feudal time from instant Loom. This is as good as anyone can ask for the Goths, excluding a total rework of the Militia line which I doubt will happen almost 100%.


no they can do just 3 militia without mining in dark. check numbers

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