Goths r broken

ridiculous civ. spamming and downing castles with infantry.

fix this plz.

Yeah, suddenly a 20 year old civ that is actually underpowered became OP

What do you know…


Their infantry are very weak and lose most fights on one on, their only advantage being able to flood.

They are widely considered one of the weakest and most one dimensional civs in game and basically require getting to late imperial age with a solid economy (120 workers or so) in order to have any lasting impact on the game


Luckily the civ never recieved buffs or nerfs in the past so you can draw this conclusion :wink:

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obviously they got some buffs but they certainly are not op

I dont think they are OP too. Only the reasoning of @ArshiaAghaei is a bit flawed :wink:

I understand why he responded this way based on the first post of the thread.

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Please enlighten me.

Are goths not underpowered atm?

the short version is we don’t know anymore, they recently got buffed and we have only two weeks of information.
two weeks and this is what we have.

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In these two weeks more than 96000 matches have been analyzed, and goths hace a 1,7% pick rate we could afirm that overall (in all ELOs) they are in a very good position, because that win rate comes from de 1,7% of 96000 matches (around 1500 matches)

If we knew what the proportion of 1650+ ELO players is, we coud do the same analysis (total matches x player% x pickrate) to see if we have enough data.


I disagree with the part you can look back to the last 20 years to draw conclusions about now, since there were recently multiple balance changes. Even how the civ was played 1 year ago is irrelevant.

I do agree with your conclusion. Goths arent OP and dont need a nerf.

The site gives you the number of picks for every civ.
Goths is picked 7,975 times on current patch.
On high level (1650+) it is just 62 times. The is too low. Even in a month there are too few matches. Therefore i dont like changes to the same civ month after month after month. Just wait some months, so the changes can settle.

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my problem with goths r that their infantry can down castles. thats ridiculous man.

that’s kind of what they are designed to do. you know what can kill huskarls? pretty much any non ranged unit trades at minimum cost effectively with them.

that’s kind of what they are designed to do. you know what can kill huskarls? pretty much any non ranged unit trades at minimum cost effectively with them.

Well, that’s only partially true. Huskarls are a bit better than a 2-handed swordsman stat-wise, so some civs can have a hard time fighting a huskarl+pike combo. Though don’t get me wrong, I still think Goths are underpowered as a civ overall.

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that’s why i said “pretty much”. complaining about huskarls wrecking castles would be like complaining about skirms wrecking archers

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There are always civs that are a hard counter to other civs. This will even happens if the game was perfectly balanced. So it is fine if some civs have a hard time fighting some army combo of the goths, as long as Goths have weaknesses too and they have. I fully agree Goths seems not really OP.

Yeah, I agree with you overall. It’s just that Huskarls are not that completely useless in melee as many people say. They are still decent, though not particularly strong.

I think I would like Goths to get some eco bonus to help them in the early game and maybe instead reduce a bit their infantry discount. Right now Goths feel like they are either completely useless or completely unstoppable (more often the former), with no middle ground.

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I always have wanted for them the ability to kill deer with one arrow…
Its a litle tiny bonus that fits with their current boar bonus and could help to gather deer food

Maybe it could be cool if they could gather food from hunt without the need to drop it off, much like khmer farmers, but only for hunt. Could help them getting that bit of a edge in the early game maybe.

Goths are B tier. What are you talking about? They are easy to counter.

@VibrantBoot6207 You’re the guy who only plays Turks right? Well as Turks you have several advantages over Goths:

-You have all blackmisth techs -----> both your champs and cav are better
-Your hand cannoneers are better and produced faster
-Your cannons outrange theirs

The main trouble you might have is the fact they produce their infantry faster so make sure to spam barracks. If you can get a good champ + HC combo up and running you’re going to rekt their infantry, and you have hussars to clean their skirms/HC. Your siege is overall better too.