Goths Wall Buff

I suggest a civ specific technology: Fortified Palisades
This as a castle age tech would be appreciated - weaker than, near or just as strong as regular stone wall without a fortified upgrade

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goth have moving walls, they are the best in the game.


I disagree. The Goths “defense” are their spamming infantry. So they sacrifice stone defensive structures for aggressiveness, which is historically accurate btw. But who says that Goths cannot still wall themselves with normal buildings and normal Palisades? And they still have access to Castles too.

No…Goths are fine as is. They need no buff.

I would prefer this tech as a Feudal Tech, available to all civs


If you do this, then reduce all their speed creation bonuses.

I hope you’re being sarcastic.

Back when the Forgotten was just a fan expansion they tried adding a fortified palissade tech but couldn’t balance it. Cuman TB is a bit like that and well, look at where it is now.

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