Goths weaknesses to archers

Goth are meant to be a designated anti archer civilisation. So why not make skirmishes 50% cheaper and do 50% bonus damage. Problem solved. Now the Goths can deal with archer spam effectively, and be given time to unleash the flood of infantry.

This is what I can gather from the video below.

I don’t think this should be the solution at all, considering skirmishers will become more effective at dealing with archers than huskarls even.

At best one could give them a way to train Huskarls out of the barracks without the need for the UT, and turn the UT into something more generic, infrastructure related.

A fun concept would be infantry to be able to build barracks :slight_smile:

By no means one should consider the infantry building a serious proposal, but the Huskarls being in the barracks by default… I think that has some potential.

Perhaps the moment the goths build a castle the automatically able to train their castle unit from the barracks.

Castle tech is replaced with something else. Like infantry do +4 damage to archers.

The problem of Goths is the lack of any decent eco bonus.
Otherwise they have perfectly viable archers, xbows, skirms and scout/knights until castle age, way more viable than, say, Burmese or Spanish.
It’s in the imperial age where they lack options.

I think a new UT, if implemented, should be related to infrastructure or economy.

I don’t agree with this, considering the loom bonus is the same as Mayan +1 vil since the end of dark age. Not a lot, but it’s something.

They have more of an eco bonus that Saracens have.

Their issue is mostly with having a very harsh transition to infantry, that Huskarls in the barracks (without a castle) will address in a lot of ways.

??? mayans get it sooner, so lasts much longer when its much more important AND they get longer lasting res (hunt, nevermind everything else) AND cheaper archers AND eagles (an eco bonus), how on earth can you remotely compare the 2 civs?

just because you dont understand how the market works, doesnt mean their bonus is weaker. much harder to use, yes. weaker? most definitely not.

easy one example: gold harvests much faster than food (upfront cost on farms) so harvest gold and sell it at the market (functions like the eagle eco bonus) and later in the game, buy back gold (if you need to) nevermind making much more gold out of selling wood(applies to most of the player base), than other civs do.

the biggest thing people repeatedly forget is early eco is much more important than late eco(compare aztecs to italians or even slavs). so saracens can abuse the market for a much stronger early eco than it seems


I think someone posted yesterday here or in reddit a buff proposal for goths that gave them population space in dark age/feudal/castle, reaching extra 20 pop space in the end

I think that would be interesting for encouraging early aggresion while saving some wood and building time

Mayans dont get it sooner lol. Except if you count the first 25 seconds of the game, which amounts only to like 8-10 extra res.

But yes mayan eco is obviously better because of having longer lasting res on top of that bonus.

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