Goths were from Sweden?

Is it true that the Goths who conquered Spain came from Sweden?
Why is this so largely ignored by Hollywood?

Their name is derived from the swedish island Gotland. Their origin is not well documented. The tribe of the goth for the most part lived in what is eastern germany and western poland today.

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Spain, Italy, Croatia, southern France, Crimea…

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No, they were from Eastern Germania and what now is Ukraine.

Weren’t they coming over whole scandinavia, then splitting into east and west goths? Whilst the west Goths made a trip above whole western europe + mediterrean and some of them came back to what to become frankish, the east goths settled like everywhere between gdansk balkan and the black see?

I think I learned that in school like this.

Funnily the housekarl isn’t a goth. It was a viking in britain hired to protect personal property.
It’s even in his name: House + Karl (Man of lower rank).

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They originated in Scandinavia, but migrated Southeast into Eastern Europe, where they developed the Gothic culture proper (they were Scandis before).
Then, after the Scythians were destroyed by the Huns, the Goths faced the the threat of extinction, and migrated westward, into the Roman Empire.
They fled so as to not suffer the same fate as several other tribes the Huns murdered.

" A people called the Gutones —possibly early Goths—are documented living near the lower Vistula River in the 1st century, where they are associated with the archaeological Wielbark culture.[1][2] In his book Getica , the Gothic historian Jordanes claimed that the Goths originated in southern Scandinavia more than 1,000 years earlier, but his reliability is disputed.[1] The Wielbark culture expanded southwards towards the Black Sea, where by the late 3rd century it contributed to the formation of the Chernyakhov culture, which is associated with the Goths who were in frequent conflict and contact with the Roman Empire.[1][3] By the 4th century at the latest, several groups were distinguishable, among whom the Thervingi and Greuthungi were the most powerful.[4] During this time, Ulfilas began the conversion of Goths to Arianism.[3]"

The Huskarl as the personal retinue of all wealthy germanic nobles, Goths included. They just retained the nomenclature for longer, in Britain.

Since we are on migration topic are the vandals same as polish or slavs?they seem to have started in poland.

No, Vandals are closer to Goths (East Germanians) rather than Slavs.
Most of Poland and almost all of Ukraine and Hungary, were Germanic lands in the past.