Just curious what the main strategy for Goth Players are in a 1v1 situation?

My guess:

  • make sure you know how to rush with milicia or men at arms. Your rush is cheaper hence smoother than for most civs. It is not necessary to do it every game though.
  • In feudal age, you can do the same as most civs, especially scouts and archers, as in castle age you will have options to use crossbows and knights (+2 PA), and even have bloodlines if need be. Your eco is a little weaker, but slowly gets better thanks to the +1 villager (your economy will still be subpar)
  • In castle age, continue your crossbows or knights gameplay (or light cav / elite skirms if you ended up making a lot of them), and try to build a castle in your base, if possible before the 30 minutes mark. Research Anarchy when you get resources (or asap if the enemy is heavy on range units)

And if you enjoy a laming playstyle:

  • send a loomed villager early toward the enemy based to lame a boar or resources

The Goal is 210pop infantry spam. Have 130 villagers, barracks all over the map, and use your remaining 80 pop to just flood the map.

How to get there? Your feudal/Castle age units are very generic. You only have a weak eco bonus. Therefor, you have to edge out an early advantage with either cheap man at arms or laming, or both. Then you play like a generic civ and survive until late castle age, where you start to spam either huskarl or huskarl/Pike (vs cav civs).

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The current no. 1 meta for goths in 1v1 is to make the game asannoying as possible for the opponent in the early game. This is to slow down the opponent so he can’t get agressive before castle age.
In castle age you try to boom and protect that boom with your castles, setting up for your lategame goth spam.
Don’t be shy in the midgame to use something different than your infantry. You can make eg knights, cav archers or siege aswell.

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It depends. Your army composition will be different depending on the enemy civ. Obviously don’t get pike or halb upgrades vs. meso civs. But generally speaking, people usually counter Goths with their own infantry + sometimes scorpions, especially civs with scorps bonus. Also if they have a unique infantry unit like Berserks, Samurai, Jaguars etc. then they will mix them in so be prepared for that. Also be prepared for enemy massing hand cannons, especially vs Turks or Bohemians. Goth crossbow and knights are obviously not the best but they are decent enough in Castle age. I like to go straight to double stable knights with iron casting (but don’t get cavalry armour) in early Castle age because it forces the opponent into pikes then you can switch into infantry and overwhelm with numbers. Ideally you want to get to late game infantry spam. So you will need to master heavy booming and get control of all the extra golds ASAP and the relics too ideally. Once you get to 210 pop it’s almost impossible to stop.

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Not necesary to go greedy booming asap all games… try spam even in castle age… Your LS is still cheaper and faster to train (for a unit that already is cheaper and fast to train) and trade very well agains Kt with the last buff (+1 base melee armor)… mix with pikes or siege, go agressive and take map control, focus on military buildings, let the enemy housed…


Thank you everyone! I have never played Goths really and I want to mess around with them today. The no stone walls have always made me scared of them

Nobody really stone walls on open maps anyway. Only really worth it to stone wall the sides sometimes in late game play imp. to obstruct raids and funnel the enemy into a bottle neck in the middle where you have castles or army. Most civs just palisade their base with house walls behind; this will suffice in most scenarios. Usually stone is better saved for castles and TCs

Even then you should research Fortified Wall. Regular stone wall can’t provide enough protection against Imperial age siege.