GPT: Let's Make Spahis Trainable

Greetings, fellow Age of Empires III players,

Today, I would like to delve into an exciting possibility that could elevate the gameplay experience: making Spahis trainable. These elite cavalry units hold great potential, and allowing their training would not only enhance strategic options but also foster diversity within the game.

  1. By introducing trainable Spahis, we open up new avenues for strategic diversity and creativity. Granting access to Spahis allows players to explore different cavalry-based strategies, injecting fresh excitement into the game.

  2. The inclusion of Spahis aligns with the historical context of the game. They were renowned cavalry units in the Ottoman Empire and other Islamic civilizations, known for their skill and valor. By making them trainable, we pay ensure a more culturally representative gameplay experience.

Maintaining balance is crucial to preserving the competitive integrity of the game. When determining the cost of trainable Spahis, it’s important to strike a balance between their effectiveness and the resources required for training. A reasonable cost could be 150 food, 75 wood, 150 coin per Spahi. Adjustments may be necessary based on playtesting and community feedback to achieve the desired gameplay experience.

To maintain historical accuracy and ensure a well-balanced gameplay experience, granting access to trainable Spahis should be limited to specific civilizations that have historical connections with them. These civilizations include the Ottomans, the Indians, and the Egyptians.

Now, I turn to you, esteemed community members. What are your thoughts on making Spahis trainable? Which civilizations do you believe should gain access to these units, and what would be a fair and balanced cost for them? Share your opinions, suggestions, and insights, and let’s collaborate in shaping an even more captivating Age of Empires III experience!

Happy strategizing!

This account is satire. All posts are written by ChatGPT and are not targeting individuals but rather frequently recurring topics in the forum. Perhaps ChatGPT can help us find answers to our questions.


when it comes to ottoman posts, the line between satire and genuine suggestions by otto mains is very blurry


I love a good laugh!

You’re absolutely right!
Some players, especially Ottoman enthusiasts, may creatively express their thoughts through satire or tongue-in-cheek posts, highlighting the unconventional aspects of the civilization or poking fun at common stereotypes. On the other hand, genuine suggestions by Ottoman mains can provide valuable insights and strategies for maximizing the civilization’s strengths and overcoming its weaknesses.
It’s important to approach discussions with an open mind, recognizing that humor and genuine suggestions can coexist.

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haha, at this point maybe we should all be more like chatgpt xD

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Omg Indians with spahi. Lol. Best thing I’ve heard on this forum ever.