GPU Upgrade

A few weeks back I sold my RX 5600 XT because the GPU market is finally getting better, still managed to get 90% of what I paid for it 2 years ago.

Now I’m looking at an RTX 3060 Ti or RX 6700 XT as a replacement. Does anyone have feedback on how the game behaves on these cards @1440p?

My RX 5600 XT was suboptimal - stuttering when panning when a lot of buildings were on screen. Had to drop shadows & textures to medium to somewhat fix the issue. It still happened, but at least it was playable. I’d like to play on max settings though.

I have a 3080 and get about 135fps at 1440p with most of the settings maxed out. So if you look at benchmarks of 3060Ti vs 3080 that should give you some indication of the fps you’d get.

I personally stick with Nvidia over AMD because of the video encoding, where the Nvidia quality has been noticeably better for the same codec and bitrate in the testing I’ve done.

If you play on 1440p, I highly suggest you buy 2070, 3070, or higher video cards.

2060, and 3060 are not powerful and you can watch “Linus Tech” for the benchmarks.

Interesting suggestion, given a 3060 Ti is faster than a 2070.

Any stuttering on that 3080?
I don’t stream, so better encoding makes no difference for me.

Not that I notice. I limit the frame rate to 120 on a 240hz monitor and it just seems smooth to me.

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2070 super is faster than 3060ti

I just clicked through this at 30 second intervals, and the 3060Ti was faster everywhere I looked:

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My 2060 does 1440p at 60fps with all settings maxed out. It’s right on the edge and if you scroll fast it drops to 50s, but it’s barely noticeable. Not saying that the OP should get a 2060 because it makes no sense, but it’s definitely more than capable of 1440p in some less demanding games like AoE IV.

The 5600XT is the AMD equivalent to an RTX 2060, tho AoE4 does run a tad worse on AMD GPU’s.

Does no one have a 6700 XT around here?

What is your CPU? I have the same GPU, but I don’t have such a high and stable fps in the middle and late game.

I’m using nVIDIA M250 series (notebook)…
Over 60FPS refreshings enabled in AoE4 low settings, seemed 70% of performances in desktop GPUs in the same price.

5900X. I haven’t noticed the frame rate particularly dropping late in games.

Also, if you have a laptop 3080, some people don’t realise the laptop versions are slower than the desktop versions with the same name.

Another thing I recently discovered is you need to disable vsync and the frame rate cap in game to get the best frame rates. I can actually get over 180fps at 1440p that way. This is true even when playing below the max refresh rate of your monitor. It seems a bit buggy, as vsync off doesn’t seem to have any tearing, it still seems to be synced, but it achieves a higher frame rate.

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I have i7-8700, so your cpu is a bit better, I think it also affects in late game. But I played with 120 fps limit (no vertical sync), I’ll try to turn it off, thanks for the advice.

I purchased a 6700XT, which can play @1440p maxed out without dropping below 60 in bustling areas.
Perhaps that can help someone with a similar problem.