GPU usage drops seem to cause the crashes/disconnects

so, since age of disconnects 2: disconnect edition launched i’ve been getting disconnected from network pretty much every game. today i noticed a pattern, when it will crash or disconnect, the gpu usage drops to 0% and after a few seconds, the freezing happens, then everything speeds up, then i get the “wait for the program to respond” window, then i get the disconnected from network/crash to desktop thing. this has happened consistently enough so as to consider it closely related to the crashes. if anyone wonders about the specifications of my compuetr, it has a gtx 1060 gb, a ryzen 1600, 16gb of ram, and the game is stored in an nvme drive that is less than a year old(so likely not storage issues). now, anyone knows what ritual to perform to get an answer from the developers? even if the answer is a “we don’t care, please die” it would be nice.
thank you!

Being a software developer myself, your issue sounds more like you are disconnecting BECAUSE the game is crashing, not the other way around. Sounds like. I cannot be certain.

If you are always getting a crash (game closes or you terminate after not responding), then the developers will most likely need what is called a stack trace of the game. When you get the Not Responding dialog box, normally Windows would send “information” to Microsoft to help fix the issue. This information most likely contains said stack trace. If the game crashes with no Not Responding dialog box, the stack trace is not being collected.

If the latter is your case, developers will have to contact you to try to fix your issue/get a stack trace or run a debug version of the game, etc.