Gran Colombia revolt ideas

Gran Colombia: ships 12 Llaneros and enables them in the stable instead of your Hussars/Lancers/Uhlans.

Units: Llanero, Soldado, Simon Bolivar, Ranger,

Llanero: Cavalry, Heavy cavalry, Hand cavalry, Lancer,

Cost: 200f, 2 pop,

HP 320, RR 20%, 7 speed,

Hand attack (lance): 25 damage, 2x vs Infantry,

Siege attack: 20,

Soldado: same as is now.

Simon Bolivar: same as is now.

Ranger: same as is now.


Land Grab (new),

Ranching (new),

Stockyards (new),

Caballeros (new),

Advanced Dock (removed),

Improved Warships (removed),

Naval Gunners (removed),

Advanced Arsenal,

Colombian Navy (removed),

INF Cattle Drivers,

Colombian Army (removed),

INF 2 Horse Artillery (replaces INF Gatlings),

INF 2 Ironclads (removed),

INF Fort Wagon,

INF # ######## (replaces INF 16 Independence Guards),

INF Albion Legion (replaces INF Albion Mercenary Legion): ships 12 Guard Rangers.

National Hero,


2 Covered Wagons,

Campaign to liberate New Granada (new): costs 2 shipments; ships 10 Llaneros, 10 Soldados, and 10 Rangers. Enables Conscription.

Páez lancers (new): Ships 8 Llaneros. Enables you to ship “Vuelvan Caras!”

“Vuelvan Caras!” (new): Enables the “frighten” ability for your Llaneros, which lowers nearby enemies’ damage, and gives your Llaneros a multiplier vs Heavy cavalry (1.2x).

Rearguard’s Assault (new): Enables the “Rearguard’s Assault” ability, which locks your Soldados into melee mode and increases their speed.

“Saviors of my Fatherland” (new): Enables Baker Rifles and Rangers Combat; increases their HP and damage by 10%.

Bogotá (new): Enables you to build the capital, and research certain capital techs

There are a few main things that these changes will do.

  1. Make Llanero a more “serious unit”. While the Llanero is stat-wise good, it doesn’t feel fun to use and I don’t think it represents them as well as my changes would.

  2. I couldn’t find that Gran Colombia but was very navy-focused historically, so things like the Imp ships and Ironclads don’t feel right. (although the sloops are probably fine)

  3. I wanted to remove the “get imp units” and replace them with a more unique army. Hence the Llaneros and the Soldadoes with a special attack. I couldn’t find a good reference to any “Independence Guard” but based on how they look in-game I think they got them from this picture.

    These kinda looked like Soldados and Soldados are (IMO) very cool units+think they fit better thematically than “Independence Guards” which again I could find no reference to.

  4. Rangers just fit better historically than what the Albion Legion card does now. Plus they are cool.

  5. Oh and that area big on ranching so that’s why the ranching focus.

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