Granting The Turks A Great Bombard Unit?

with dawn of the dukes having an upgraded bombard unit for the Bohemians, is there any chance the Turks can also get a unique unit to replace the bombard? perhaps a castle age siege workshop artillery that gains range upon hitting imperial? it would make a lot of sense and give this civ a needed boost.

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Turks have free Chemistry and Artillery UT. They already have an upgrade for the Bombards.


Anyway if they give a special upgrade to a new civ it’s not to give something even better to an old one that already has tons of gunpowder bonuses.

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these bonuses and unique upgrades can instead be implemented directly into the great bombard and janissary units instead of being background buffs, allowing the turks to have different civilization traits, unique upgrades and in the end more options. having a bombard unit one age early would cement their gunpowder focus far more than these background bonuses ever will.

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Turks do not need any buffs.

I suspect the reason the houfnice is a special upgrade (besides the fact it makes the civ more marketable) is that tons of the bonuses that could apply to the BBC are already taken (and most of them are by the Turks btw). Even then houfnice will probs have characteristics that overlap with the BBCs of other civs.

Also it’s kind of weird to thinkthat the civ that gets the most gunpowder bonuses, a gunpowder UU and a gunpowder UT needs to have even more gunpowder stuff. And there is no way BBC in castle age with free range upgrades upon hitting imp is ever balanced.


I prefer to use the Turks as the Saljuks, cav archers, Kilij swordsmen ,Camels and such , I rarely use them as the Ottomans so no, I’d leave the great bombard for AoE3.

solution: remove turks free husars and give em elite bombards