Graphic changes or additions AoE II

Hi Team,

There has been a lot of discussions in Steam in which they theorize what are the devs working on now.

Are there any plans to add graphic changes (i.e. units, buildings or so)?


this is a frequent request (assuming you mean regional skins, black villagers, etc), however the devs have provided no feedback on it at this point that i know of.


From what I know, devs indicated new civs are not to be added. I mean, a full “build” would be better indeed, but I don’t think that’s contemplated.

I’m asking regarding minor “updates” that the Team might try to include in monthly fixes. Cows (example) were added like that.

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And the answer is “They haven’t said anything about new skins”. it is a common request, but no word has been given.

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But, wouldn’t a dev representative be reading this & give a word? I mean, from news we know already they have said nothing. I’m trying to see if by mere chance someone from the team reads & shares something.

not necessarily. they have from time to time commented on the forums (commonly about bug fixes they are working on), but never have i seen them comment about an in game change unless it was a bug fix or when they announced the upcoming changes to how multiplayer was being changed.
no advance word on what the events would entail
no advance word on what balance changes are coming
no response to requests for new civs, new campagins or historical battles, or new unit skins/building skins.

yes, but i’m just saying, so far the answer has been no word, so don’t get your hopes up, this is a very common request on the forums and no word has been given so far on it at all.


I don’t understand, weren’t Byzantines in Rome (and therefore Italy)?
The Italian set for them makes sense

It is a common complain that the devs dont really say much about what they doing. You dont really get much feedback from devs on suggestions, bugs, …


actually bugs do seem to be the one thing they comment on a bit.

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Like you already say: A bit. Way too few in my opinion. I would like to see more communication between players and devs.

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i completely agree. i would love to see what they think about some of our ideas in general. then again i guess we did get some indirect feedback because a lot of the balance changes in the recent patches were stuff recommended by the forums.

but i would absolutely love for them to leave real comments, even if it’s “we think this idea is terrible” or maybe we have a developer interview where they tell us what they think about the potential for future civs, campaigns, new skins, etc is.

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Yeah, the devs seems to have some roadmap and they seem to share this with some pros. I have heard many pros said something like ‘we are in contact with the devs and the future looks promising’ based on what the devs would tell. I would love if they just share there thoughts with the full community. This can indeed also with developer interviews. I know from other games they have weekly guides in which they talk about the progress of the next patch and sometimes even about a further future. I would love such thing for AoE II DE too. I think this will increase there support base and the link with the community, which is great.


The Byzantines are the same as the Eastern Roman Empire and are thus culturally Greek. They did control southern Italy after defeating the Ostrogoths and Vandals, but it would make more sense for them to have Greek Orthodox-style buildings instead of Roman Catholic ones.

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It’s like some kind of segregation just based on skill. Other rather popular RTS games on Steam like Northgard inform their playerbase way better.

The one thing we know which is coming is Capture Age, but as DLC or free update? I don’t know.

I hope they do not forget their singleplayer base. It’s not negligeable either. My favourite kind of DLC would be a full blown expansion à la “The Last Khans”. The other content they suggested they’re going to make doesn’t excite me nearly as much.

If there’s going to be official new content which isn’t new civs, an idea would be some kind of campaign-architecture set package. Imagine a Chinese campaign bundled together with an appropriate Chinese architecture set. That might be nice but I don’t know if the community would be willing to pay for that. Especially considering how much we got for not that much money in the past.

At least give us the possibility to add new civs without having to remove other ones if you don’t plan on adding new civs.

/End of rant :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Absolutely love northgard.

I’m willing to be the majority of the aoe playerbase rarely touches multi-player.


I am not so sure about that. What is your estimate of the number of players that play only single player in last month?

Let me put it this way. Only around 400k people play multi-player. On steam alone there is over 2 million copies of the game sold