Graphical elements crashing mid game - black box bug

happened mid game

Hi @SaladEsc
What’s your GPU?

My GPU is an Nvidia RTX 4070 ti

@SaladEsc is your driver up to date? If so, Try verifying integrity of game files in Steam.

Hello, this happened to me as well! I restarted the game and it was back to normal. In my case, there was a definite freeze (lag spike?) in the game and suddenly all graphics became black

Hi @SaladEsc ,
Are you still having this issue? What’s your OS? Any overlays were active when you got the issue (discord, rivatuner, nvidia…)?

are you playing via steam or xbox?

one of our player also experienced this hes on xbox

Hello same issue : Windows 10 , Gtx 770 last drivers installed.there is a screenshot.

Thanks to resolve it its very frustrating glhf