Graphics appreciation after E3 presentation

Hello folks. I know theres a post talking about the graphics already, but this one is according to the newest one from the E3, so please dont delete because its different since we have an update in the graphics topic

I just wanted to thank the developers for listening the community. We can notice an improvement on the units scale, colors and details. That is really good to see. They showed us just a little, to little to be honest, but enough to see they are making changes.

My only concerns are these:

  1. Weird animations: for example the camels are moving in a strange way and their running are not looking any natural. Its like they are streatching their legs but they are not advancing the correspondent distance, its like if they are being stopped by somthing. Hope you understand my point.

  1. Ships: the ships are death, not feeling alive at all, looking opque and the sails are so solid, not looking well at all. And for me its so dissapointing they did not add a crew on them just to make them feel more ´´alive´´. In a 2006 game called AoE 3 we had better looking ships.

  1. Buildings: am I the only one that feels the buildings are not looking any real? It has that feeling of a mobile game, kind of clash of clans buildings. In my opinion there should be more cautious with the building details, for example its really weird to see a super detailed church smaller than a (not that much detailed) siege machines building. I hope they fix the buildings looking and scale as well.
    Once again, buildings from Aoe 3 look better, even buildings from AoE 2?

4.Weird physhics: when they enter the fight we see a weird smoke appear in the scene. Its to white and without opacity, it makes the fight look cringe as hell. Hope they add more reallistic physics.


5.Operator less siege weapons: looking at those units moving by art of magic is really weird from my point of view. I mean, we are 2021, it would much funnier to see a crew moving those weapons like we are used to in AoE 3.


That´s pretty much it.

I can not wait to play the beta and help with the enhancement of the game. I am so excited to ee more about it and play it as well. Thanks again to the developers for the incredible beautiful work done.


I was almost persuaded by people on the topic of manless siege weapons earlier:

  1. Catapults etc. have a distinct shape and adding operators is redundant;
  2. They can be constructed by infantry on the field so it’s weird operators suddenly pop out;
  3. Because AOE2.

Okay, but now cannons are also manless. They have a long barrel with two wheels and look very imbalanced without operators, they are produced from artillery buildings so the crew don’t pop out on the battlefield, and artillery in AOE2 had operators as well.
I can’t find an excuse for that.


The problem with the animations is an issue with the running animations not mapping properly to motion. Hopefully it will get fixed before released.

Operator-less siege engines and ships aren’t an engine limitations, they’re a game design decisions.
You say “it would be much funnier to see a crew moving those weapons like we are used to in AoE3” but AoE2 is far more popular and has no operators. So it would be more accurate to say that people are “used to” not having operators and crew.

If “because AOE2” is the rule, then “people” are more used to unmanned trebuchets, not unmanned artillery.


noo like left, have a comment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: also I think animations would be a fix which will and can be done before release :wink:

i dont agreee with 3, I think the buildings look quite true to life
and beautiful

also no crew on shuips. It wouldnt work with destruction engine. ppl flying from ships in masses? not a chance. Also it wouldnt scale well with units on land

Overall I see some little improvement, yeah, but the water looked so unanimated, like an opaque blue carpet under the ships… I think they are still working on visual aspects and tweaking things, but holy molly the game is going to release in less than 5 months and I still get a strong feeling of unfinished/unpolished technical state (the animations again look a bit clunky in some scenes, like cavalry clash).


Same feeling. Unfortunately I think we will not get a finished game, or at least we will need to deal with bugs and some mediocre done decisions due to the dateline :frowning:

the game actually loooks nearly finished except maybe animation polishing…

Hope they find out how to fix it, at this point I am worried they have not improved it from 2019 teaser.

dont be, that just wouldnt be a prio at that point of game development. But at gamescom, it may look beter :wink:

and if it doenst, well. then it doesnt^^

My only issue which i haven’t seen anyone talk about is how ugly the Mangudais look.

Small buildings i can get used to, the animations too but seriously what is this…

My dear mangudai what have they done to you… It looks like they forgot to apply textures and left the raw model’s 3D grid

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I’m not sure that Organic Guns are technically artillery but that’s besides the point. The “machines” in AoE2 never have more than one operator. If we look at a complete list of AoE2 siege weapons, you’ll find that the vast majority have 0 operators and none of them have more than 1.

are you just talking about the horses color, or something else?

The Mangudais’ clothing. The horses are fine imo

I see, i wasnt sure there :wink: Dunno, The clothes seem quite wooly to me. not sure how correct that is though^^

If we look at a complete list of AoE2 artillery, you’ll find that they all have 1 operator.

And cannons etc. in AOE4 is also that “small minority of siege weapons”.

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I don’t know if they tried to make lamellar armor or some lumberjack jacket lol

It would be strange that some siege had crew and some not. So they decided to put all siege without crew.

AOE2 did that and it’s a great idea because AOE2.

I love how you use their own logic against them :rofl: we need to give @ArrivedLeader22 am award at this point for making a reply a funny as this.